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  1. GibPhone

    This has gotta be fake... As I was looking for a Gibson neck for sale I came across this...
  2. GibPhone

    Kit Guitars: Worth, Experience, etc.

    I seem to recall making a thread very similar to this a few months back. However, I believe it was closed. I've been playing for almost a year now with daily practice (self-taught), and I got my first electric a couple of months ago. I'm beginning to actually look into kit guitars/guitar...
  3. GibPhone

    My first amp... || NUX Mighty 20 BT

    So I bought my first amp about a month ago. So far it's working great, I love the presets included and how you can aux as well as plug headphones into it. Link to Amp: It can Bluetooth to my phone, but only with the app for NUX amps, so I couldn't play music through it unless through aux...
  4. GibPhone

    Other Guitars || Showcase Your Not So Les Paul.

    This includes all PRS, Fender, Harley Benton, Dean, Music Man, Etc. (you get the point).
  5. GibPhone

    Marty Mcfly Guitar pick BTF 1 || What is it?

    Hi, I am just curios, what is the pick in back to the future one?
  6. GibPhone

    Boss Katana 50 || mkii vs mki?

    Hey I’m sure people are already thinking, “Just buy a dang amp already!” And since I will now be making enough to afford one, I would like to know which one is truly better, and why? P.s If there is anything for the same price that is truly better let me know as well. Thanks.
  7. GibPhone

    Practice Amps.

    Okay, now I know that I've basically already asked this (cheap amps thread), but this one I hope to be more intelligent and helpful, now that I know how to play guitar some and I've been on this site since I think February. Here's some hopefully helpful info...
  8. GibPhone

    Epiphone Headstock Theory...

    Okay, now I know that Epiphone has switched over to Gibson's open-book headstock shape, but that's not what I'm talking about, I'm thinking the clipped wing shape. The theory: My theory about why they made that shape is that since Epiphone is the lesser/affordable brand. And in order to make it...
  9. GibPhone

    Guitar Center Question - Epiphone+ More...

    Hey, a couple questions. 1. Does GC sell everything they get used in the store online? 2. Is GC just not getting new (used) gear (because of COVID-19), or are prices just going up. Thanks for your help.
  10. GibPhone

    Apparently you can copy+paste other websites "smiles" into MLP posts...

    Here's mine: , Share your finds...
  11. GibPhone

    EBay Find, Epi Classic

    Tuxedo colored.
  12. GibPhone

    Spalted Maple Guitar Kit || Opinions & Thoughts.

    So I have seen a couple of YouTube videos on this, and it looks amazing. Here is their website: #2 version (I think it is better looking). Maybe someone has built it and would...
  13. GibPhone

    Epiphone || Showcase your guitar...

    I don't care if it is Epi, or Gibson, or any guitar (Just Mainstream Epiphone and Gibson, electric preferably). I just want to see/hear about what everyone else has in store. Edit: Skim through most of the third (mostly) and forth (some) pages, there is a good...
  14. GibPhone

    New humbuckers on Epiphone LP standard - What would you do?

    Hey, I was just wondering if anyone has, or is going to, upgrade or switch the humbuckers on their Epi Standard. Photos would be nice as well as a description of what you did. Thanks! This is for you to show off what you did, as well as teach and/or instruct to others what you have done...
  15. GibPhone

    Ensenada guitars ?

    Okay, I know, but has anyone heard of Ensenada acoustics?
  16. GibPhone

    Epiphones, I am looking at buying a guitar.

    I am looking at a couple of guitars online at guitar center and eBay and such... I have about 150 now, but I can earn an extra 50, what Epiphone should I get.
  17. GibPhone

    Cheap Amps.

    I am very new to guitars, but I am learning quickly on acoustic, I have saved my money for an Epiphone studio, and I was wondering what a good, cheap amp might be... ($45-95ish) - thanks.

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