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    Who do you think best reflects your personal style of guitar playing?

    My style, Alt Rock and Awful !
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    Oh, I'm excited about today!

    Helping others with requiring a reward is good . A beer or two is good too.
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    3 guitars into an amazing sounding converted tube PA

    Great tone!. And where did you get the backing track?
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    Hot tubes and cool '70s vinyl...

    70's Tubes - - I agree - The BEST Years. Great driving music. Thanks for the reminder.
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    If you could know what year you will die, would you want to know?

    No, Absolutely NO. I have cancer. I know within an 18 month period when it will be. Relax - - no, I want to live.
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    Hit a tree tonight

    Off Roading?
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    Barre Chord Question

    Look at Justin's website online. It will show the cords and notes.
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    New Gibson coming pre-scratched?

    Others have said the QC has been failing for a few years with dings, etc. A long scratch like that is just bad!
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    Looking for a good, small at home practice tube amp

    Ditto on Superchamp. You can change amp and speaker cab emulations. I changed my speaker from the original. 15 watts.
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    Which oil to use?

    Maybe I should use Nut Sauce. Same that I use on my Les Pauls.
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    Which oil to use?

    For use of a squirt oil can, which oil do I use? I'll use it for door hinges, window slides, etc.
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    Does this sound out of tune?

    My hearing aids say, it sound good to me!
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    Ugh. Horrible stomach ache

    Go to a gastrologist , specific to review your issues. Do this soon , my friend.
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    Right Hand Privilege-It's Real!

    Schools, College need to be teaching how to WORK and make money to live. I will not switch from my right hand use! Sooo dumb!
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    Saturday Is My Second Chance Birthday

    Oct. 23rd, tomorrow is my second chance birthday. Last year on 23rd, I received my stems cells back after heavy chemo. The cells and bone marrow are growing on schedule. They are giving me time to really know and experience why we humans exist. To live, to love , to share, to see the sunrise...
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    My new Gibson Les Pauls pickup selector won't stay on Rhythm

    How about a photo? Sounds like the switch is sitting low into the cavity. The switch should be secured to the cover with a ring screw. Maybe it just needs to be tightened some more to raise the toggle.
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    What do people think about retirement?

    Perfectly said !
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    Opening Page Boring

    Please change the 8 items listed in the opening page. They have been posted far, far too long. I'm sure members could submit better elements.
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    Advice sought for stinky problem.

    When wetting the cloth, use A LITTLE vinegar to help clean and freshen.

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