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  1. GitFiddle

    Gin, Smoke, Lies

    It's simple enough to play with or without a capo. I'm just having trouble understanding why it's considered to be in the key of C. If anyone could explain the rationale, it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. GitFiddle

    Gin, Smoke, Lies

    Learning this song, by The Turnpike Troubadours, to cover for a singer. He listed it in the key of C. Every chord/tab site I have seen also lists it as the key of C. As far as I can tell, this song is in the key of Gm. Is my feeble mind missing something here? Thanks.
  3. GitFiddle

    Aged Parts the Easy Way with Chef Chris

    The simplest way to remove pickup covers is to put a fresh blade in a utility knife and simply slice right through the two solder blobs. Cuts very easy and makes it very easy to heat the blobs up when re-attaching.
  4. GitFiddle

    Guitar Stand Protection

    Simplest solution is to just slip a white cotton sock over the cradles. If you want to get fancy, a cotton ACE bandage works well too. Just make sure it is not the new kind with adhesive in the material.
  5. GitFiddle

    50's TV Sit-Coms. Old TV in general. Things I didn't know.

    Or all the Florida beach mountains in the background shots of I Dream of Jeanie in "Cocoa Beach".
  6. GitFiddle

    Why does my sound keep going in and out?

    You said you think the patch cables are good. Don't overlook a connector on one of the pedals. Sometimes the locking nut comes loose and the connector may twist around and compromise your connection. As Overture said, you just need to isolate the problem. I would plug my guitar straight into the...
  7. GitFiddle

    And now for the real news

    What about Alice in Chains?
  8. GitFiddle

    Sweetwater bought out- sort of?

    Going to put a little PEP in their step.
  9. GitFiddle

    50's TV Sit-Coms. Old TV in general. Things I didn't know.

    Another classic is "Wanted Dead or Alive", starring Steve Mcqueen as an old west bounty hunter. Instead of a pistol he uses a sawed off rifle (Mare's leg). Mare's leg
  10. GitFiddle

    50's TV Sit-Coms. Old TV in general. Things I didn't know.

    Those are supposed to all be true stories taken from the recorded history of the Texas Rangers.
  11. GitFiddle

    Top wrapping the stop bar on an Epi LP Custom

    I was told by my guitar tech at GC to always check the EPI top-wrap compatibility list before attempting it. I always do what he says. They usually know best.
  12. GitFiddle

    Top wrapping the stop bar on an Epi LP Custom

    I find it more intriguing that you have been a member here for 11 years and never heard of top-wrapping. You can do it on most Gibson models, but you will need to find an up-to-date compatibility list before trying this on any Epiphone models. It could cause irreparable damage if not on the...
  13. GitFiddle

    50's TV Sit-Coms. Old TV in general. Things I didn't know.

    For anyone that has seen Robert Culp and Sammy on the Rifleman, have had to seen "Trackdown" starring Robert Culp. It always cracks me up at how low he always wears his Ranger star. And if you see more than one episode, pay attention to how much he bounces when he walks in those cowboy boots.
  14. GitFiddle

    How do YOU prevent buckle worming?

    Burning a brand into the back of the guitar helps prevent worming.
  15. GitFiddle

    Maintaining decent tone when changing guitars

    I switch between LP and Tele at live gigs all the time. I used to have an MXR 10 band on my pedal board and turn it on for the Tele. I replaced that a while back with a Klon KTR. Use it as a clean boost for the Tele. Playing through a 79 Princeton Reverb, and never change the amp settings...
  16. GitFiddle

    Share a pic of anything you find beautiful

    This little thing showed up on our front porch a while back. She weighed 4 lbs. and had a broken leg. She likes to watch bird videos on utube.
  17. GitFiddle

    50's TV Sit-Coms. Old TV in general. Things I didn't know.

    Ward Cleaver on Leave it to Beaver, was a pastor in real life. He only agreed to do the show if each show could convey some type of moral message. Back when people weren't quite so batshit crazy as today.
  18. GitFiddle

    Any regrets relicing?

    It's actually a 2016 Traditional. I drove all the way to Sweetwater to play it in person before deciding. It's one of those LPs that has the "magic" for me. I've replaced the chrome bridge and tailpiece with nickel,replaced stock pickups with PGs, added historic pickup rings, tophat knobs...
  19. GitFiddle

    Any regrets relicing?

    Not a bit.
  20. GitFiddle

    Not bonding with my Tribute and can’t figure it out.

    Is it worth asking what kind of strap you used for the LPs that hurt your back? When I got my 99 R7 back around 2010, I was excited to play it at my next gig. By the third set, I thought my damn shoulder was going to fall off my body. It was excruciating. I was just using a standard nylon mesh...

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