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  1. SWeAT hOg

    Canada Censors Online Porn!....

    Just laughing at the double standard. I could not care less.
  2. SWeAT hOg

    Canada Censors Online Porn!....

    5. We do not allow posts that discuss politics of any type anywhere on MLP. If you're not sure whether your post might be interpreted by us as 'political', don't post it!:rofl:
  3. SWeAT hOg

    Epi LPC current production Grover replacements

    I’m a (hack) amateur and I bring a second guitar to every gig. Also, I don’t save any time using locking vs. standard tuners.
  4. SWeAT hOg

    $8,000 overdrive pedal

    Yeah…but…look inside…the inputs on these cheap clones are junk…especially crap DPDT switches, mounted to wafer thin PCB board…yes, cheap…but destined for electronics waste heap….
  5. SWeAT hOg

    My brother made the coolest guitar of all time.

    What tour was that? I saw them on the first tour without Waters, at the first show of a three night stint at Exhibition Stadium at the CNE. Biggest concert experience of my days at that point. Over the top and larger than life. I sat right under the prop airplane that would crash into the stage...
  6. SWeAT hOg

    OMG - CL an hour away from me

    If you still have that in your history, please post a link. :thumb:
  7. SWeAT hOg

    Another Epi Price Increase?

    Ha! My favourite ‘affordable’ guitar is the Yamaha Revstar. Sounds about as cool as dad jeans. Great fuckin guitar, nonetheless. :cool2:
  8. SWeAT hOg

    Another Epi Price Increase?

    I was tasked with starting an acoustic guitar program in a middle school. This was about ten years ago. I was forced to order the cheapest guitar our vendor could offer. This ended up being the entry level Epiphone dreadnaught. Despite my protest, I was overruled by an administrator. Within a...
  9. SWeAT hOg

    Another Epi Price Increase?

    The corners have to get cut somewhere. Personally, I’m done with cheap gear. There was a time where I wanted a lot, but couldn’t afford it. These low-priced imports scratched an itch, but never fully satisfied. I’m comfortable now and enjoy items made with quality inputs.
  10. SWeAT hOg

    Another Epi Price Increase?

    I wanna see what these cheap guitars look like in a few years after being regularly played. There is something to be said about quality of inputs. I see these with needs for refrets, failing electronics, warping necks from woods not properly cured. I could spend twice as much for an Indonesian...
  11. SWeAT hOg

    Another Epi Price Increase?

    It ain’t the prices, but where they are made. No more sending my dollars to China for finished goods I can buy elsewhere.
  12. SWeAT hOg

    Gas Prices

  13. SWeAT hOg

    Favorite SG & Amp set-up

    I assume that’s a treble booster? After getting one, I realized how important it is to Iommi’s sound.
  14. SWeAT hOg

    Compressor Pedals Appreciation and Suggestions

    Multi band compression is sweet. I use a TC Electronic Hypergravity Compressor. It has a vintage, modern or Toneprint setting. I don’t use the latter.
  15. SWeAT hOg

    Pete Townshend is Mad

    Looks like it was just a joke as they played the guy’s request.
  16. SWeAT hOg

    Pete Townshend is Mad

    Jeez….no one knows what it’s like to be the bad man…..
  17. SWeAT hOg

    Apparently, I'm a snob.

    So, the ‘Les Paul’ script ok in gold, but not logo. Hmm…something doesn’t look right there.
  18. SWeAT hOg

    About to buy my first Marshall tube amp

    I reckon someone could use it as a recording platform or IEM amp.
  19. SWeAT hOg

    Better Call Saul

    On the other hand, even though Howard is completely correct, in every way, him committing suicide would be an understandable end to his day. A lot of people saw him as being out of his mind.
  20. SWeAT hOg

    About to buy my first Marshall tube amp

    I agree, Cherry. I had the head, and it was fun for faux Ride The Lightning tones, not so much for Highway To Hell.