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  1. SWeAT hOg

    Best Method For Mic'ing an amp?

    Hey there, I hope you are well and safe. My cover band uses in-ear monitors, so we are having to mic everything. I have the means to go direct with a loadbox and cab simulator, but since I need stage volume for gigs, I've decided to just use a cab and mic it (speakers are a Celestion G12H 70th...
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    Fender Mustang Micro-Direct To PA?

    Good day to all! I scored this neat little tool/toy at Christmas. Most useful gadget ever!! Just curious, but I play sometimes with a Celtic band. They are mostly acoustic, but enjoy when I bring an axe to broaden the sound. It would be nice to show up with a guitar and this unit packed in the...
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    Ezdrummer 2

    Good day to all! I see this is on sale for USD$70. Anyone have experience with this? Is it really 'easy' to use? I don't need cutting edge software, I justwant to mess around on garageband with some riffs I've made up.
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    Flower Travellin’ Band

    @Kamen_Kaiju , you ever listen to these cats? Circa ‘71. :dude:
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    I started this discussion on another site, but I’m curious to hear from some MLP minds. The recent HBO doc and the Luminary podcast have stoked a real curiosity in me about this event. With all the hindsight, it’s amazing anyone would believe it could have turned out a success. And while I...
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    Scored one!

    Hey there! Do you have one for sale? Please reach out if you do. Looking to spend USD$80, plus shipping.
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    BYOC Envelope Filter?

    Hey there...I have a lead on one, already built. I know BYOC parts are top-notch, but I've never played on their envelope filter. Long shot here-has any one played one of these?
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    -in excellent condtion -hook side velcro on bottom -no box -sell for CDN$200-shipped
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    Zack Snyder’s Justice League

    Is pretty damn good. Redemptive. Aside from snippets, I hardly recognize the movie (fell asleep in the first cut). Oh, and Gal Gadot and Dianne Lane.:drool:
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    What Album Have You Listened To The Most?

    I was wondering about which album I’ve put more hours into listening. I reckon it had to be something I loved from the moment it came out, and still gets a spin today. After racking my brain, I think it’s The Pretenders debut. What’s yours?
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    The Meanest Pedal

    The Karen!!
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    Why is GarageBand reverb the best sounding that I’ve heard?

    Hey studio dudes...I hope you’re well. I know GB is among the simplest of DAWs. However, I’ve been messing around with the reverb effect on guitars and find it’s never sounded better to my ears. My experience may be limited, but I’ve had an excellent pedal (Tech 21 RVB), decent pedals and...
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    NAD: VOX Night Train 15h G2

    I recently sold my V1 and as soon as I handed it off, I felt a lump in my throat. I’d used that amp for some fun and memorable gigs. Many fun rehearsals where I really let go and enjoyed the sounds coming out of my amp. However, I’m such a pedal junkie, that I really stopped using it in favour...
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    NPD: New Puppy Day

    Our family grows. Little fella came home today. No name yet, Rufus, Angus and Theo are in the running. My name-Iggy Pup- was rejected outright. Boo, family. I never really had a dog before. Had one when I was a kid, but my parents split and no one wanted a dog, except me. Dog went to farm. This...
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    Catalinbread Belle Epoch

    Hey dudes...taking one of these in a trade tomorrow. Watched Andy from PGS take it through the paces, playing Holiday In Cambodia! That alone sold me, but what else can I get out of a tape echo pedal?
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    Keith's Daughters

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    Line 6 G10 Wireless unit

    Hey there! I hope you're well... There's a used unit for sale in excellent condition nearby. Seller wants $75 for it. Good deal? Stay away?
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    Setting The Output Level Over 5 Devices!

    Hello all and a very good day to you! I have a question about setting levels in my headphone rig. Every device has it's own output setting! Everything is set to stay 'in the green', but I'm not sure if there is a device that should be giving more while others use less gain. To illustrate...
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    Compressor Pedal...where have you been all my life?

    Hey there to all pedal aficionados (nice way to say addict!) :wave: A while back, I accepted a Joyo Dyna Compressor pedal as part of a trade. I had owned another (Boss CS-3) years ago and never got it, so off it went in a trade. However, with my new beautiful Tele, I've been getting into clean...
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    Eruption By EVH....I'm Speechless

    Oh [email protected]_Kaiju , check it out!