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  1. ExNihilo

    1959 Les Paul Replica

    The cool is in the details. I built this guitar last year (2020). It sounds and plays amazing. It weighs 9.4lbs. You will find the build thread here: Build Thread The guitar build has what is expected. E.g. Genuine Honduran Mahogany body and neck, royalite binding, cellulose nitrate inlays...
  2. ExNihilo

    1959 Burst Replica

    I am now putting up for sale a really great guitar. This is my 2020 build. I was going to hold onto it and let it hang next to my latest build, but I have come to the point where economics has it's say. . . I am selling this guitar for $3,200 USD. (But you will have to pay the PayPal fees -I'm...
  3. ExNihilo

    1st Les Paul with the New Gold Standard Carve Templates

    Hello Everyone, I hope you are all well. I wanted to post a progress report on the first Les Paul being made using our new carve template set. As you may know, Daniel Dean, Frank Pine, and myself have been working on a set of plans for builders. You can read about it here: Luthier's Corner...
  4. ExNihilo

    Luthier's Corner Plans / Templates Resource

    *Mod Edit* This thread invites all who are willing to share their resources of where to obtain plans or templates for popular guitar builds. Also for those to inquire where one can obtain plans or templates . Thanks to you good folks who have been so generous with your time and efforts to make...
  5. ExNihilo

    2020 Les Paul Build

    I have started a build for 2020. It just occurred to me that I did not build a guitar last year (been very busy). A couple of months ago I looked through my wood pile and found a slab of genuine Honduran mahogany. And so it begins. The first pictures were taken with my phone. As I progress I...
  6. ExNihilo

    1959 Les Paul Luthier Replica

    Up for sale is my 2018 replica build. This guitar is a hand made vintage correct 1959 Les Paul replica built by Scott Wilkinson (aka ExNihilo) in 2018. Neck: Holly headstock veneer with MOP “Elineke” signature. Serial number 9 1638. 1-piece genuine South American Mahogany with Honduran...
  7. ExNihilo

    What happened to my threads?

    I don't mean my clothes. . . I can't find any of my recent build threads (e.g., my all mahogany Les Paul that I started in October). Did I do something wrong?
  8. ExNihilo

    A Mahogany Les Paul; From One Tree.

    This build is an all Mahogany Les Paul. The body, the top, and the neck are going to be made from the same tree. A few years ago, I was able to get a giant piece of Mahogany from Peru. I was able to get six very nice quarter-sawn blanks out of it. The last guitar I wanted to make out of this...
  9. ExNihilo

    1958 Teaburst Replica -SOLD

    I am selling my 2017 Tea-burst replica. I built it last year (2017). Sounds and plays fantastic. I am selling it (as many of you know) because that is what I do. I build a guitar, and then sell it to make a new one after a year or so. This one is really great. It is slightly aged with a...
  10. ExNihilo

    My 2018 59 Les Paul Build

    Here is a progress report for my 2018 build. I found a very nice maple board at an antique store in Woodstock Ontario. It was only $19.00 CAD. That was one of the reasons why this project even began. Another reason why I wanted to build this one is that a marvelous MPL member sent me a body...
  11. ExNihilo

    Blowout Price $700!... ExNihilo/Scott Wilkinson DC Special Type

    UPDATE, June 8, 2018. I just made a pickup order and I have to sell this guitar. The price is now $700 USD -including case and shipping (in North America)! The price is now below the cost of materials and hardware. Hello Everyone, I have a DC Jr. type guitar that I built last year (2017) for...
  12. ExNihilo

    New Pups and Wiring Rig from David Jones "Jonesyblues"

    I just installed Jonesyblues Jimmy Page PAF (neck) & T-Top (bridge) pickups and his Jimmy page 21 tone harness. It is all excellent! I highly recommend.
  13. ExNihilo

    Elineke Les Paul 1 2017

    Here is my Elineke (Ee-lean-i-kah) Les Paul underway.
  14. ExNihilo

    A Clean Shop!

    Finally got the workshop all cleaned up. Now it has a dust collection system!
  15. ExNihilo

    New and Improved Carve Templates

    Yesterday I worked on a new set of carve templates and then began using the new set on a new build. Here are the new lines from the templates. Once I've routed all the steps, I mark the bottom step with pen to make sure I don't hit it while I sand out the other steps with the orbital...
  16. ExNihilo

    FrankenPaul: A Scrapwood LP

    I have always found it difficult to throw away the left over pieces from body blanks. I had an assortment of these scrap pieces and came to the conclusion that I must either toss them in the garbage, or make something out of them. I decided on the latter. This is going to be an all Mahogany LP...
  17. ExNihilo

    1956 and 1959 types...

    The 1959 incorporates a Bartlett carved top, and the 1956 is made with my carve templates. The 59 is for a friend, and the 56 is form me. The 56 will not be a goldtop. It will either be simply clear lacquer (natural), or clear with a little bit of yellow and amber in it (antique...
  18. ExNihilo

    What are the Binding Dimesons?

    Could some please let me know what the correct late 1959 body binding dimensions are? Height Width? I am looking at a few different plans and see differing measurements. Frank? Thank you all. Sincerely, Scott
  19. ExNihilo

    Oh NO! I used the WRONG templates on my 1st Telecaster body!!!...

    ...on purpose!!! :cool: Just needs final sanding and some tung oil. :D
  20. ExNihilo

    Do You Like this One? It's a Les Paul