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  1. Hack

    Happy Birthday Mal!

    Are you 29 again? Hope you have a great day. @Malikon
  2. Hack

    It's time to shave it off...

    Since I will be going for MLF training Thursday, it has to come off... This was the only stipulation they gave me. It will hinder the microphone recording. I said, hey, it's only hair!
  3. Hack

    *UPDATE* Looks like I'm gonna NOT be a Major League Fishing Boat Official!

    I went to Tulsa for an interview on Saturday. I got the call today to be at 3-day training in November for the 2020 season. They pay you mileage from Tulsa to the lake, hotel accommodations, and about $50 a day for food. I am so stoked about this. I am a huge fan of the show and the pros, but...
  4. Hack

    Can we do Medical Marijuana here in the backstage?

    Discussions allowed?
  5. Hack

    Milestone for me!

    When the ball drops tonight at 12:01 am, I will have been married to the most amazing woman for 20 years! Can't wait to celebrate with her. We are going back to where we got married in downtown Fort Smith at an historic marker by the river. We have a motel room for the night. Fireworks in the...
  6. Hack

    Happy Birthday Mal!

    It's that time of year again!
  7. Hack

    *HELP* My TV took a dump.

    Luckily I had a smaller backup to get me through, but now I gotta find a new one. I hate the thought of Black Friday anything, but anyone know of good deals and times to get a new? Gotta be in the 60" range. *Was a 10 year old Sharp Aquos, I wont be looking at those now...
  8. Hack

    Retirement is good so far!

    I was just presented with a nice little gift for my 19 years of service from the owner of the company... Original Steve Nolte knife.
  9. Hack

    Do you know what SWIX is?

    Do you know what SWIX is? I dont, but I kinda dont care.
  10. Hack

    Happy Birthday Malikon! (Early)

    I know it isn't until Sunday, but I wont be around here then, so you get my birthday wishes ahead of time! Hope you have a great day! We share that day. I will be an old 52, while you're still a young pup. Best wishes for your weekend, make it what you will and make it great!
  11. Hack

    Meat eaters polls

    What is your number? Say you have a good 2 inch aged ribeye.
  12. Hack

    Giving my notice today. I'm done!

    Retirement is here! Kinda nervous, but excited more than anything. Been here for just over 19 years. Not sure exactly how this will go. I have seem them go both ways on how they take this kinda news. They could tell me to just hit the road today (which is just fine with me), or they throw me a...
  13. Hack

    16,000th post.

    ...and this was it. I was going to post a long drawn out cleaver post, but why go above and beyond any of the other 15,999 before.
  14. Hack

    Sometimes it's best not to go to the auction...

    But hey, you only live once! Pearl Forum Series...
  15. Hack

    Imma help you out. Just in case you didnt know this.

    If you have a job interview with another company, do not go to your boss and tell him that you need next tuesday off because you have an interview with another company. My jaw hit the floor. This guy is 35 years old with a wife and 2 kids. He sure was backtracking when I asked him to bring in...
  16. Hack

    100% - You're An Okie Through And Through!

    How about you? Take the quiz, see where you rate.
  17. Hack

    Learning opportunities.

    It never ceases to amaze me of the learning opportunities I come across. I am 51 years old and have learned a lot of things anywhere from public transit in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, down to catching a crawdad. Experiences that you can learn from are always popping up for me and I file them away...
  18. Hack

    Where you from boy?

    This might shed some light... 25 questions. Seems legit. Mine:
  19. Hack

    Just because I want to.

    What you gonna do about it?
  20. Hack

    I've stopped smoking.

    It's been one week today, so I am calling it official. No smokes, no gums, no vaporizers. No nicotine at all. Still sucks. I am only on the habit part of it and it suuuuuuuuuuuucks, still. 36 years of sucking on those damn things and I still want them. I hate being addicted to anything. I...