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    What country to take over the US?

    OP here, I’ve been away and somewhat surprised that this has gone 10 pages. I said nothing about hating America, but I do believe we have descended to the point that we are in fact not much better than what so many of its citizens would call a “sh$thole country”. I freely admit that I don’t care...
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    What country to take over the US?

    I don’t think any reasonable person would deny that the usa has been a declining entity across multiple categories, Infrastructure, life expectancy, education, general health, good paying jobs, unjustifiable wars, manufacturing..and the list goes on, for many decades now. None of this has...
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    Sh****t! I left my amp on......
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    First person to be convicted under Florida’s 'Red Flag’ firearms law faces up to 5 years in prison.

    C’mon guys, you can’t be as stupid as reading your posts make you appear to be; he wasn’t arrested because he “ might commit a crime”, but because he violated a law. Let’s work on our reading comprehension,...or did you even read the article before jerking your knee. No one gives a shit what you...
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    Sh****t! I left my amp on......

    Leaving your amp on is not near as damaging as turning it off, and then eventually back on again. It’s the process of cooling down and heating up that does the damage; if not for the extreme waste and cost of electricity, it would be beneficial to leave an amp on all the time ( SS too).
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    A police officer’s body camera allegedly caught him fondling a dead woman’s breasts

    This is all just foolish conjecture, we don’t even know yet if the dead chick was hot.
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    A police officer’s body camera allegedly caught him fondling a dead woman’s breasts

    Are we sure she’s her name Liz......there might not be a problem here.
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    Wonderful documentary (even if you don’t ride horses). Saw this last note night and it’s a great story, family friendly too.
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    Bulletproof - Rest In Peace

    Very sorry to hear this, he was a good hearted person for sure.
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    Best acoustic under $600

    My only thought would be that a 12 string is most often a complementary acoustic to own, not the best choice if it’s your only acoustic. Not experience with an Alvarez 12, I’d expect it to be a very good guitar for the money. Fwiw, I have a AD60 and while it doesn’t sound bad with any strings...
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    Best acoustic under $600

    Alvarez AD60 if you're looking for a dread, af60 for a OOO size.
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    Still looking for my stolen Les Paul Black Beauty

    Mojo sent, wish you the best luck getting it back.
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    RIP Jesus of Nazareth

    Little more than a month before his 2020th birthday too!.
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    Home made Supro 1624 clone

    Great thread, thank you and tremendous respect for your knowledge and skills.
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    PSA - Real Problems!!!!!!

    I disagree with the OP that #6 should be classified as a problem.
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    Epstein Cover Up

    As I stated in a previous post, I have not followed this story but as to all the people “associated” with Epstein I will say this; my wife has a childhood friend who’s brother is a multi millionaire. I know him and have stayed at two of his beachfront properties several times, as well as...
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    Epstein Cover Up

    ^^^ Okay, thank you.
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    Epstein Cover Up

    I have not followed this story (other than hearing that he was found dead in his cell) nor have I read this thread. As long as this asshole is dead, why should I care if he killed himself or was murdered?
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    can it be had ?

    Bass strap made of quality leather.
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    Being (beyond) satisfied.

    My good friend has a CS Beano burst. He raved about it when he got it and when I had the chance (live 1200 miles away now) to spend some time with it I agreed with him; it is an absolutely fantastic guitar, though I would never spend that much coin on an electric instrument. Since that initial...

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