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    1959 Epiphone Coronet Build

    Hi everyone, I was hoping someone has done a 1959 Epiphone Coronet slab body build and could help with either some plans or dimensions. I’m starting a building course in the coming weeks and thought this would be a good place to start. I’ll hopefully post some progress shots along the way.
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    WTB: 61 - 65 SG Special or Jnr project

    WTB: 61 - 65 SG Special or Jnr project Hi guys, I’m always looking for personal restoration projects. Right now I’m going through an SG phase and would like to add a Special or Junior to my collection. In particular I’m looking to restore any SG Special or Junior from 1961 - 1965 or mid to...
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    WTB: Bacchus BFV-58K Korina Flying V

    Hi all, Looking to purchase a Bacchus BFV-58K Korina Flying V. If anyone has one they would like to part with or know of where to find one, please contact me. Regards Nicholas
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    Greco Les Paul identification help!

    Hi guys, I was hoping someone could help me identify this Greco Les Paul model my friend owns. What I do know is that it has a solid top, one piece body and one piece neck. The oddities that are confusing me is the plain headstock, thick script logo and the closed 'O' in the logo and the 5 0475...

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