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    Ebay vs. Craigslist

    What is your selling experience on Ebay and Craigslist? I am wanting to sell a few guitars and amps and I get varying opinions on each method. Thanks.
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    Baywash Bikini Car Wash Makes Big Splash I love Florida.
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    Fast Food in Denmark Fast Food in Denmark Serves Something Atypical: Living Wages By LIZ...
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    This is compelling somehow.
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    Malcolm Young

    Stricken with what? NME News Stricken Malcolm Young will not return to AC/DC | NME.COM Stricken Malcolm Young will not return to AC/DC Group announce news with details of new album 'Rock Or Bust' AC/DC have revealed details of a new studio album – the first in the group's...
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    Our Economy

    I was looking over my budget and thinking about what I have spent my money on over the last year and each month. I can take the bus for free which will help me with gas prices if they continue to rise. Medical bills have been challenging although fewer these days. I love reading about...
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    A Fighter Pilot's Story

    Thought this was interesting. WWII Fighter Pilot Shared Haunting Story With the World
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    Thought this site with a-bomb loading pics was interesting. 'Now be very careful loading this one, boys.'
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    Hope this doesn't upset Kitchen Patrol too much. Looks like I'll be dining at Chilis too! Chili's Considers New Gun Policy
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    Just became a Chipotle Customer

    Way to do the right thing, Chipotle. Chipotle says no to guns in its stores | MSNBC
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    Dating strippers: a good, or bad, idea?

    Just wondered.
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    How are the unemployed doing? I hope this gets resolved and their benefits resume!
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    Wealth Addiction

    An interesting read. For the Love of Money By SAM POLKJAN. 18, 2014 IN my last year on Wall Street my bonus was $3.6 million — and I was angry because it wasn’t big...
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    American Spitfire Pilot in WWII

    Thought this was interesting: SPITFIRE 944 - YouTube
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    From Billy Joel Tribute Band to Billy Joel's Band
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    Is American Culture to Blame for Failing Schools?

    What do you think..? “Americans do not support an egalitarian society.” That was the response of one reader, Jay David of New Mexico, to the final editorial in our...
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    I love New York

    New York City, you got brains and 'balls'. Much respect. 'New York City’s commitment to preserving a social safety net is quietly heroic. When the federal...
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    Billy Joel

    Still like 'The Stranger'. Billy Joel, the Piano Man and a Kennedy Center Honoree - The Washington Post
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    Booking Bands in NYC

    I love this-'The Pizza Connection drug trafficking ring'.
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    Squeaking by on $27 Million

    In Seattle, Boeing warned that it might move plane production to another state if workers failed to ratify a contract. The Times reported: Workers had criticized parts of the eight-year contract extension during the meeting, including plans to limit pay raises to 1 percent every other...

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