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    Gibson 1959 Jäger Makeover

    Hey Guys, here is my new 1959 Makeover made by Florian Jäger. Its the BM 2-3 add-on done to a 2001 R9. Include in the BM2-3 is: - new shapings - nitro laquer - inlays - neck reset - fingerboard - nut - truss rod - aging all close to the originals and really authentic... and those Parts are...
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    Big PAF PAT question - real deal or fake? (better pics)

    Hey, i bought a 1961 Zebra PATno Pickup from a german collector. It looks like the real deal to me, but i never have heard of a PAT Zebra. Now i made some better pics and i hope that you can tell me that it is a real 61 PAT without any problems... PAF IDENT 2 pictures by vertride -...
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    HELP real PAF-PAT? THX

    Hey guys, i bought a Pat no Pickup and i think that its a real one. But i found a little bit cream paint in the black square hole und no solder on the wire. So what do you think, is it a real Pat no Pickup? What do you think is a good price? Thank You Pics : PAF ident pictures...
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    Bumble Bee Question

    Hello, i want to buy some original Bumble Bees. Is it true that Bees from a radio ect are "destroyed" or sounds bad? Is there something to know when i choose the right one? Thank You
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    HELP identify PAT PAF

    Hello, i am looking for a early PAT Sticker PU. I heard the ones with purple wire sound same like the late PAFs. Is that one of those? Is that the maroon wire? one white one black lead wire... if the pics not work -...

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