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    Official announcement: Joe Bonamassa Les Paul Standard with Bigsby® Outfit

    :jb: Epiphone Ltd. Ed. "2015" Joe Bonamassa Les Paul Standard w/ Bigsby® Outfit
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    There is a new Epiphone LP Joe Bonamassa on the way… Bigsby!!

    :jb: I just saw an interview of JB, and the man comes out with the prototype of the third JB signature model, named Les Paul British Racing Green, that is equipped with a Bigsby. Probably we will found the rest of the specs is the same that the previous models except for the color and...
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    Spst wiring?????

    Hi guys, how to wire this pots for coil splitting??? :shock: Thanks! CTS Push-pull Pots, SPST |
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    The wiring trouble

    Hi people.. I'm going to rewire a LP with a coil tap function.. I want the same circuit that the LP Standard but without the out of phase trick, just coil tapping with the volume knobs... I was searching and i found 3 schemes. 1...
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    Best body and neck construction - Plustop Pro VS Traditional Pro

    Hi guys.. I'm about to acquire a new guitar and i'm between the plustop pro and the traditional pro.. but what i real looking for is the best constructed guitar.. in the future i will change the electronics so now it does not matter so much. The tribute plus is not an option now (for the...

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