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    Replacing Grover Rotomatics with Kluson Revolutions

    I'm surprised at the lack of topic on this. Have anyone ever tried replacing their 502 series Grover locking rotomatics with Kluson Revolutions? Would it be a drop in fit if I were to drill an extra hole on top for the Klusons?
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    Toggle switch plate problem

    Hello dear Les Paul forumers. I have a 16' LP Standard and it seems like the toggle switch plate is pushing the toggle nut out far enough that it is choking on the toggle switch. Which means that the toggle switch wouldn't stay positively in place. But when I remove the toggle plate, the...
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    Which truss rod cover do you have on your Standard Les Paul? Pictures?

    Hi, I have seen alot of Les Pauls, be it Traditional or Customs you know those with the Kluson Tuners that goes with a blank truss rod cover thats really nice. So I'm wondering for owners of Standard Les Pauls with Grover tuners, what truss rod covers do you have on? The one with 'Standard'...
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    Replacing Standard Tuning Pegs with Traditional?

    Hi I'm just thinking if replacing the tuning pegs on my standard to the traditional ones is just a bolt on affair? Any modifications needed?
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    Top Hat Knobs from Stewmac?

    Hi guys, just wondering since I am unable to find OEM HotHat knobs of the color scheme I want (silver - gold). What do you guys think of Stewmac tophat knobs for Les Paul? How does the quality fair? Are they better made than OEM's or is it a sacrilege to be replacing OEM knobs with Stewmac...
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    Toggle Switch

    Hi anyone here knows what's the part # of a toggle switch for a 16' Les Paul Standard? Links appreciated.
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    How much 'margin of error' should you accept for a defected Les Paul?

    Hi all, I'm sorry I have to make this as my first post in mylespaul forums. If it is not appropriate, moderators please delete it. I have gotten a brand new 2013 Les Paul Standard in 2015. It's my first Gibson Les Paul and I bought it from a retail shop without thoroughly inspecting it. Mainly...

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