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    More or les a '59 les paul build

    I think we get out of high school a year later than you do in the US. I'm turning 18 this month, so soon I am an adult, at least by law:laugh2: But seriously your comment really means a lot me, even though you think I am "one of those punk kids".:laugh2: Thank you sir. I totally agree with you...
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    Plane Refurbishing

    Great and informative thread! Now I just have to sharpen my hand plane and learn how to use it properly! I got a couple of old chisels and a gouge from my grandfather yesterday, they too need some attention.
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    My 1st Guitar Build: A Les Paul... (duh)!

    You are doing a great job! I really like your copy carver design too! Simple, but it sure gives good results!
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    More or les a '59 les paul build

    Time to rout for the binding! I added bungy chords to the jig to make it float a bit. I don't know if you can see it but the routerbit didn't get all the way in to the corner of the inner horn, so for next time i'll make the cookie/guide thing a bit narrower. For this one I just...
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    More or les a '59 les paul build

    :laugh2: Nice spotted, I thought I had enough room, but apparantely it was just too little, I'll modify it for the next build! Thanks man! Sure, here is a picture: I wouldn't mind a plexi to go with the guitar either... Your jig was one of the inspirations for mine! Thanks for...
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    How to cut truss rod nut space in headstock

    I rigged up a little jig like this. Can't source any spotfacers here in Sweden. I think a spotfacer is the safest approach however. Don't forget to ad a spacer in the bottom of the trussrod channel so you don't drill too near the back of the neck if your are doing the vintage size cavity...
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    More or les a '59 les paul build

    Thanks Barnaby:thumb: Gotta tell you, I have a new favorite tool and it's a hand tool, the chisel! Love your work as well! Wish I had three les pauls going on! Thanks man! It took a long time but it was worth it! Haha I know what you mean about tight joinery!... Glad that you like it...
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    More or les a '59 les paul build

    Yes now :) Routing for the neck pocket. I used a really long routerbit with a bushing to rout the pickup ears, I made an oversize template to accomodate for the bushing diameter. Came out pretty ok! You may notice that I have smoothed the top carve some. I sanded the...
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    More or les a '59 les paul build

    Okay! The angled control cavity rout! Used this little tool to center the pot holes with the routing template. And to check that it would make the right routing marks. And then rout away! Looks like a 50's rout to me, but I'm not an expert by any means. But I feel great about it...
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    Montreal Guitar Show - Pics inside

    Nice documentation of the show:thumb: Wish I was there... Beautiful guitars! Maybe next year...
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    FatChance homegrown LP

    You are doing a great job! I like your jigs too!
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    More or les a '59 les paul build

    Canon EFS 18-55 :) Hi! I don't mind at all. It's made for my router so it doesn't mean that my measurements will work for yours. But The jig has to be about 2 1/2" high (higher than the body with the maple top on). And it has to be deep enough so that the routerbit reaches all the steps. It's...
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    Bruiser74's first build (x2).

    Looking great! Love that top! Good luck on the top carve, I'm sure it will go well:thumb:
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    I'd love to see a vintage sunburst! Don't see too many of those around.
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    More or les a '59 les paul build

    Thank you sir, I like taking photos. I don't even wan't to know how many pictures of this build I have on my computer:lol: A Canon EOS 1000D, it's called the Rebel XS in the US i think. :laugh2: I'm leaning against that too, I'll play around with it a bit and see how it looks!
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    More or les a '59 les paul build

    Thank you it means a lot to hear that! But if it wasn't for all you guys posting your great build threads I wouldn't be able to do this! I have learned so much here. I just try to be precise :) Thank you, this means a lot coming from you! Your repairs are amazing! I guess running around my...
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    More or les a '59 les paul build

    Okay maybe I made it sound the wrong way... :hmm: xD I'll blame it on my english... Or maybe not:lol: Thanks Preacher!
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    More or les a '59 les paul build

    Thank you, I try! Yup as simple as it can get, I like those solutions:thumb: Didn't get too much work done today, but you gotta have slow days too right?:cool: Needs some cleaning up. And some sandpaper later. Nice and flat! Trimmed the back a bit too. Brought out something that hasn't...
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    More or les a '59 les paul build

    Thanks man! Yeah I am pretty blessed in the way that my dad likes to do some woodworking too, but he works mostly, so I can have the shop all for myself. Can't wait until I can get my own shop though, this one isn't optimized for guitar building... yet:cool:
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    Barnaby's Hand Tool Tele

    That's some crazy looking pine you have there! Great job man, inspiring! Just to give you some ideas for what to do next. How about building a guitar with a pocket knife?:naughty:

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