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    60s Knobs

    One of the differences between the 50s and 60s original Standards is the knobs. The 60s Original comes with reflector knobs. I’m beginning to think that a majority of 1960 Standards had the 59 style knobs though. The reflector knobs seem to only be on serial numbers somewhere above “0 7xxx”...
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    Clapton and Grover’s

    i just got a copy of Tony Bacons “The Gibson 335 Guitar Book,” and the picture of Claptons Es-335 that he played in the Royal Albert Hall final Cream performances got me wondering. The photo which was take around the time of the Crossroads auction shows he had modded it. It has Grover Rotomatic...
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    EB-1 pickup question

    I was looking around lately for info on the original Gibson electric violin shaped bass, the EB-1. I seem to remember seeing a picture of one with the pickup cover removed which showed a single coil, but.the coil was rotated 90 degrees around the axis running through the width of the body. Was...
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    Opinions on Sire H7?

    Has anyone seen the Sire Larry Carleton H7? Nice price I wonder how it compares to an Epiphone 335
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    Should I do it?

    I bought a pair of uncovered Dimarzio 35th anniversary PAFs for my 2019 60s Standard, in order to make it more like Clapton’s Beato, and wanted the double cream neck, double black bridge combo. I’m hesitant to proceed. Has anyone done such a swap? How does the tone of the Dimarzios compare to...
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    Four DPDT Push-Pull Pots on LP Standard

    I’ve ordered a set of pots from StewMac. I’m thinking of uses for three of these 1 - Neck pickup series/parallel on neck tone pot 2 - Bridge pickup series/parallel on bridge tone pot 3 - Phase reversal on neck volume pot For the fourth all I’ve come up with is a kill switch. I’d welcome any...
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    2019 Original 60 LP Standard Pot Replacement

    I’m thinking about putting some push-pull pots in my original ‘60s. I tried to take the current ones out to take a look, and to see if I need long shafts, but the plate with the pots won’t come out. I can’t get it farther than the point where the ends of the pot shafts are even with the top of...

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