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    Customshop Custom vs. Pre CS Custom

    Greetings. I am about to buy a Gibson Les Paul Custom [Ebony] I play more of modern rock. I am pondering whether to buy a new 2012 Gibson LP Custom [Customshop] or a Pre CS 80s~90s Custom Les Paul. 1) Are there big differences between a Customshop Custom LP and a pre CS? 2) When was...
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    Advice on buying my first Gibson Custom LP

    Heya mates, it's been a while! I am currently considering my first Gibson LP Custom in Ebony. I am stuck between a 2008 and a 1995 Custom LP Ebony. 1. What are the differences between the two in terms of specs? 2. Are they both Customshop lines? 3. When was the Customshop established...
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    490r 498t vs sh1 sh4 for metal.

    Which pups will deliver on a 2010 gibson les paul custom for hard rock and metal as well as deliver some warm cleans with clarity? I play music that is aligned with Funeral for a Friend, Underoath, Deftones In Flames, Lamb of God to even Rock Ballads. Let's hear the polls! Thank you.
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    URGENT need help identifying 07 Classic Custom Serial

    URGENT need help identifying 07 Classic Custom Ebony Serial the serial reads 022070459 Please help me identify this thanks
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    Differences between Pre-historic & Historic 57 Black Beauties?

    Hi i am pondering whether to get a '95 Gibson 57 BB. 1) What are the differences between Pre-historic & Historic 57 Black Beauties? In terms of specs, etc 2) Does anybody know the specs of a'95 57 BB? Thanks
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    Check this baby out! 57 Goldtop 50th Anniversary Limited Edition!

    Check this baby out! 57 Goldtop 50th Anniversary Limited Edition! It's for sale here in Korea for around $7000. Wish i had the cash! But it looks too good that i'll be scared to get even the slightest scratch on this baby. Well i'm posting it up for your eye candy folks! Enjoy! Top...
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    Is this classic custom authentic?

    Hey guys I passed on the previous custom and my eyes fell on this beautiful classic custom. Ive been wanting this for years! But it was hard to find. However now that it is available i wanted to check its authenticity. Its a 2007 model. Is this authentic? Thanks
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    Is this Gibson Custom authentic?

    Hey guys i was just checking this out, the seller states he changed the hardcase to a normal Gibson standard hardcase and he doesnt have the papers for the guitar. It's a 2005 Custom. What'd you reckon? Thanks
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    Custom vs Black Beauty

    I was wondering what are the differences between a regular custom shop custom and black beauty? Im confused. 1. Appearance 2. Material 3. Sound 4. Etc Which is better? I play mostly metal/modern rock Thanks
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    Just brought him home, need help identifying!

    Hey fellas! I just brought home a Standard. I was a previous 57 Black Beauty owner but for some crazy reason sold it and bought a Fender. So after a few years of regretting it and the lessie popping up in my dreams to haunt me, I had to and traded off the Fender 62 Reissue for this (Gibsons...
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    Is this authentic?

    Is this an authentic Gibson 1993 Custom pre-historic 57 reissue? 1) the serial no. is suspicious 2) there is no MADE IN U.S.A mark 3) etc... Any owners of 93 custom reissues? or anybody please help me out Cheers
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    More pics of the 93 Pre historic 57 custom reissue

    As i had earlier posted and asked for your advice, here are the pics of the back of the pickup, and the capacitors. Are these original hardware for the '93 pre historic 57 custom reissue? cheers
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    URGENT! which custom to buy??? (dilemma)

    Okay i am deciding on which one to buy. NUMBER 1 the 1st 3 pics are of a 93' Gibson 57 Custom Reissue (selector has been changed, bonenut) seller states it is stock with 57 classic pickups the binding on the neck as you see have little cracks NUMBER 2 the last 2 pics (looks newer) are of a 01'...
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    Gibson '57 Custom 1993 *im thinking of buying this help needed

    The seller states: Gibson 57 Custom Reissue 1993 57 classic pickups No neck breaks, etc (Changed specs) - bonenut, refret, fret dressing, selector cover. The bindings some of them are as the picture shows due to the refretting. Price is $2000 Now i have to say ive never bought a Custom...
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    Just a question on 7 string baritones

    I was thinking about adding to my Gibsons...a baritone from esp (SC-607B) im starting to get into heavy metal now after years of hatred for it i was just wondering..ive been a six string user all my life but now im considering buying a 7 string baritone and im totally new to this world...
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    What on earth??

    what exactly is this guitar model and how much is it worth??
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    Tech 21 Trademark 30 users?

    are there any Tech 21 Trademark 30 users out there? i just got one the other day hmmm i do like that its analog wired and has a nice spring reverb but it just sounds kinda too muddy.
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    Gibson 490/498 vs Duncan Jazz SH-2/SH-4

    Gibson 490/498 vs Duncan Jazz SH-2/SH-4 my caps are vitamin Qs 0.042 on the neck/ 0.022 on the bridge. And the winner is?
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    Epiphone Custom w/ EMGs?

    Hows the epiphone custom sound with EMG 81/85s? My current situation is: Gibson Goth with vitamin Q's Epiphone Custom I am thinking of making one of my guitars a metal guitar so my possibilites are: 1)Gibson with EMGS and put the vitamin Q's on the Epiphone Custom pr 2)Gibson with...
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    Im trying to mod my Epi custom to look like a Gibson custom.

    Yeap i just bought an epi custom black and i want to make it look like the Gibson custom with chrome hardware. Anyone done this sorta mod? If so may i have some reference pics? Cheers

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