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  1. cristi tanasescu

    Survival, adventure movies

    I'm a fan of such movies, especially if they are good. My favorite survival movie has to be The Edge(97) which I've reseen half an hour ago. Great movie, definitely recommend it. It really proves again(like if it were needed) what a great actor Hopkins is, Baldwin too:thumb: Another such...
  2. cristi tanasescu

    Happy Birthday Jimmy!!

    HBD to one of the coolest cats to sling a Lester!!:thumb: :dude:
  3. cristi tanasescu

    The Green Mile..

    Just finished watching The Green Mile.. man, what a movie. Liked it pretty much, even though it is overall , sad . I'm not really a fan of movies without a typical happy ending..other movies which had the same impact on me as TGM would be Hachiko , or The Pianist. But I can...
  4. cristi tanasescu

    What dessert pleases your taste buds to the ultimate?

    I sometimes love sitting at the table after consuming some delicious, well done steak, enjoying a dessert which makes me feel totally noble, like the prince of bel air(jk/:laugh2:) For me , it's a mixture of Baklava, yogurt, linden honey and walnuts. Baklava is a turkish(oriental) dessert...
  5. cristi tanasescu


    Anybody else absolutely LOVE fishing here? Fishing is one of my greatest hobbies, it is just so good for me, and I love it. C&R only for me. I fish almost exclusively with the spinning technique, with medium light rods and reels. The main species I go after are perch, pike, wels catfish and...
  6. cristi tanasescu

    Do your electric guitars buzz?

    Umm, like in fret buzz , or string buzz. Can it be heard when Amplified or not? A little, or very much? Just curious. Mine do buzz slightly , cannot be heard when amplified, and it doesn't kill tone or playability. . :dude:
  7. cristi tanasescu

    Fender clapton kit

    Hey guys. I have a question regarding the clapton midboost kit. My plan is to put them in a strat with some fender japan strat pickups of medium output, sort if vintage voiced. The question is, would the midboost in particular bring a lot of parasite noise, apart from the one of the single...
  8. cristi tanasescu

    Show that carve!

    I love the dish carve on a les paul, it's what makes it unique among other things, but yeah , some have it and others not so much. I'm not a photographer, and here are some shots taken with my phone, but I pretty much like the carve on my standard and it feels just right. Here are...
  9. cristi tanasescu

    How many languages do you speak?

    And what are they? I speak 4, my native language, English, German and French. What about you guys?:wave:
  10. cristi tanasescu

    Good times

    So I found my LONG LOST led zeppelin cd with all the studio recordings, 7 live concerts( RAH too, my fave zep concert), and many others.. Can't really understand how I forgot about this one. It's unbelievable. That is all!!!:dude::dude::dude: Communication breakdown rips it, man..
  11. cristi tanasescu

    tube spring retainer question

    I was checking out the tubes in my orange amp today and noticed that one of the 4 spring retainers which sort of "keep the el84's in place" was not sitting perfectly on the tube, so I pulled it by a spring, and literally the SPRING elongated pretty much, so now it's looking weird, one spring is...
  12. cristi tanasescu

    Protect your fingers, fellow forum members

    So I've been on a vacation for a coupla weeks, with no guitar next to me by a 500 mile range and was pretty much waiting for plugging the les paul in the orange and playing the damn thing. Before arriving home, we visited the grand parents for an hour or so like we usually do , and all is...
  13. cristi tanasescu

    Anybody here have any experience with Brunetti amps?

    For me, this brand is pretty much mysterious, as I personally have never seen one for sale, and my experience with them being pretty limited to one. But oh boy, the amp was terrific. I remember that 2 years ago I was testing a Gibson lp standard through various orange amps , all through one...
  14. cristi tanasescu

    CC 29 incoming

    not so lemon
  15. cristi tanasescu

    any 60's flying v owners ??

    One of my favorite guitars ever, so great looking and sounding. If you do , post pics!!!
  16. cristi tanasescu

    faber ABRN bridge install

    so after a pretty long wait( not faber's fault or the dealer I bought my products from), it finally arrived, the inserts and the abrn bridge. Now, it was pretty easy to get the old studs out using their bolt method, and once out, I measured how deep the hole was, and it turned out to be 1-2...
  17. cristi tanasescu

    A dream

    monk's dream.. if this isn't the best music to listen to on a saturday night with a hot cup o' tea on my side, I don't know what is. Sublime. :applause: have a nice one everybody
  18. cristi tanasescu

    what soldering Iron do I need?

    I'm pretty sure I will be getting some really cool products in a reltively short period, and I think I will need a better soldering iron, just in case. Fact is, I now have a pretty good and useful 15 watt soldering iron, with a sharp tip, and it basically does it's thing, but I literally...
  19. cristi tanasescu

    is this fake?

    why is it so cheap?? I 've always wanted an sg special , just can't figure ot why it's so cheap Gibson 2009 Cherry SG Faded Body Neck 4580228742921 | eBay Thanks.
  20. cristi tanasescu

    Vintage les paul junior HELP

    ok , this is REALLY really unbelieveble. I need help, quite fast. Is this an original 54 junioor? It's on the bay right now, listed at 400 bucks. Fake or what?

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