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    What country to take over the US?

    I don’t think any reasonable person would deny that the usa has been a declining entity across multiple categories, Infrastructure, life expectancy, education, general health, good paying jobs, unjustifiable wars, manufacturing..and the list goes on, for many decades now. None of this has...
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    Wonderful documentary (even if you don’t ride horses). Saw this last note night and it’s a great story, family friendly too.
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    RIP Jesus of Nazareth

    Little more than a month before his 2020th birthday too!.
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    Being (beyond) satisfied.

    My good friend has a CS Beano burst. He raved about it when he got it and when I had the chance (live 1200 miles away now) to spend some time with it I agreed with him; it is an absolutely fantastic guitar, though I would never spend that much coin on an electric instrument. Since that initial...
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    The proliferation of insignificance.

    Any time I look at a “news” webpage, network tv news broadcast, social media, magazines, I am completely underwhelmed by it all. Rather than old school factual reporting, it seem the majority of articles on current events is replaced by “ my opinion “ of a current “story”. Beyond that, articles...
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    YT vids I never click on

    Anything with Stop Doing this ..., Never do this...., why you suck at..... Does anybody respond to that kind of negativity?
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    $5000 for Brazilian board?

    It seems that a Brazilian fretboard adds thousands for dollars to the price of a LP, yet and multiple suppliers sell a Brazilian fretboard blanks $100 to $110. WTF?
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    Newb weight training questions?

    Couple quick questions please. I’m doing a few warm up reps then one 6 to 10 rep set to failure consisting of 2 or 3 compound exercises each for chest, shoulders, back and legs followed by a few isolated bicep and triceps movements. Should I be taking a minute rest between exercises even when...
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    Childhood insults

    Did your parents have any kids that lived? Your mother wears Army boots to church. You’ve got a point,... but if you comb your hair over to one side, no one will see it. Lemme hear what you heard when you were 12.
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    Spending time...

    I love that phrase. Spending time. It’s commonly used by everyone and we all know what it means. But as we get older it really does, without taking on a new meaning, begin to MEAN MORE. Spending time....yep, I don’t have an endless supply and so must portion it out, without knowing just how much...
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    Internet romance scams

    I just cannot grasp how so many people can fall for this. It sucks to be lonely, I’ve been there but I completely fail to see how an anonymous pen pal could stimulate a person’s emotions to the point that they routinely send a stranger large sums of money. Victims borrow from friends and family...
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    Seen em’.

    My wife usually doesn’t appreciate it but whenever we’re watching a movie or tv show together, when an actress appears on screen whom I have seen topless in a movie or tv show previously, I will state out loud “seen em’”. I think she is actually more annoyed (disturbed ?) by the fact that I can...
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    Just another day, another 20 people executed..

    El Paso this time. Damn this country is a fucking mess. So sad, so senseless.
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    Let’s play “IF History”.

    IF History is the game of surmising what could logically have happened IF a particular historical fact or event is replaced with a viable alternative; something that could just as easily have actually happened...IF history had played out a little differently than what actually occurred. For our...
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    Where are the cop killers when you need one?

    They need one in Florida:
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    Tone is in the hands, but not where you think.

    Not all aspects of tone, but a good portion of it, a substantial amount of it that you can easily control, is determined by how firmly you hold your pick. This is easily tested and proven by playing a line or lick and by strumming a bit while consciously varying how tightly you hold your pick. A...
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    Clean boost with a slight touch of gain?

    Does this pedal exist? I want 10 - 12 db of clean boost with the ability to dial in the slightest hint of gain. I want the boost not really for a volume boost but the clarity “lift” of tone that a booster imparts along with perhaps 25% of the gain that’s typically found in a “low gain” OD pedal...
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    If usa wasn’t crumpling, cancer, Alzheimer's and AIDS were curd, everyone had healthcare and then education wasn’t a privilege for just the w

    then I’d possibly give a rat’s ass about going back to the moon or Mars
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    American Grand on Amazon Prime video

    I watched this doc today and while it was quite good ( I recommend it) you can’t help but feel that the piano forte is horrendously complicated, finicky and problematic beast of an instrument, especially if one compares it with the ingenious simplicity of its predecessor, the harpsichord’s...
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    Other Web Sites You Visit?

    I find myself very limited in the scope of my web browsing; gimme some cool sites to check out. Guitars, amps and amateur wives are pretty well covered :io:Open my eyes and mind please.

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