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    Gibson Les Paul Studio 50's Tribute

    so i want a gibson les paul 50s tribute does anyone know where i can find one in goldtop eithier on the internet or somewhere nere branson missouri
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    what gibson les paul should i get

    i posted earlier about the epiphone les paul or gibson les paul studio 1950s tribute well i diceidedto get the 50s tribute i think but i also want a gibson les paul standard traditinal pro or another gibson les paul is has anyone played the two and is the 50s tribute just as good as the standard...
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    which les paul should i get

    so i have about a 900 dollar budget so i can either get a gibson les paul studio 1950s tribute in heritage cherry sunburst or a epiphone les paul studio in black i have played the epiphone but not the gibson ive played gibson les pauls and i like them but i have not played the one mentioned so...
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    gibson sg standard vs classic

    so i am going to get either a gibson sg standord or a classic form guitar center i tried them out and i like the classic but i also like the standard the classic seemed to have more of a metal tone that i liked and the standard had a good tone to i mainly play classic rock like ac dc...
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    chinesse gibson vs real gibson

    so my local guitar shop has a fake chinnesse gibson les paul goldtop for 600 bucks it sounds and plays like a gibson but with out the weight or i could get a brand new gibson sg standard for 1200 at guitar center if i got the chinnes les paul i could get it faster if i got the gibson sg i would...

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