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  1. rapaul76

    Upcoming NGD: 2019 LP Std. 60's Unburst

    Wow!!!! Congrats!
  2. rapaul76

    NGD: Custom Shop '64 Strat

  3. rapaul76


    I got one last year and I love it. I play medium to high-gain and I've never had a problem. Originally I thought of swapping out the pickups but the Shawbuckers are surprisingly good.
  4. rapaul76

    NGD.. 2018 Fender Professional Strat

    That's gorgeous! Congrats!
  5. rapaul76

    Pickups for hard rock?

    For a bridge pickup, a Seymour Duncan Custom would fit the bill. It's has a ceramic magnet, but don't let that scare you away. It's like a PAF on steroids. I was reluctant to buy it because of the ceramic mag but it's great and it wasn't expensive. The Custom 5 is also a good option. For...
  6. rapaul76

    NSD: More Blue, this time of the Sonic Variety

    Awesome looking guitar! Love that colour combo of the blue and mint pick guard! Congrats!
  7. rapaul76

    NGD (First strat ...)

    Congrats! She's a the maple board and white...classic.
  8. rapaul76

    Metal Pedal

    AmpTweaker Tight Metal. I have the Junior version (without all the loops) and it slays!
  9. rapaul76

    Pickup recommendations in a Les Paul Traditional for hard rock

    I've got the Custom in a Les Paul Studio. To my ears, it's like a hot PAF...just more balls. It definitely has a little more low end than the Bare Knuckle Black Dog I had in there earlier. Personally, I really like the Custom. You can always swap the magnet at a later time to make it a...
  10. rapaul76

    So let's see those Teles....

    2017 Fender American Professional Shawbucker Tele. Love this thing!
  11. rapaul76

    Ngd 2016 es335

    Man, that looks killer! It looks like the one Warren Haynes plays. She's a beauty!
  12. rapaul76

    Gibson family shots!

    I want an Explorer just like that! Beauty!
  13. rapaul76

    New SG Day

    Love it! Congrats!
  14. rapaul76

    NGD: 2016 Gibson Les Paul Custom Pro Aqua Blue

    That's sexy AF!!!
  15. rapaul76

    NGD (very late): 2017 Trad Pro IV in VSB

    Beautiful! Congrats!
  16. rapaul76

    Zebra PU's lest see em'

    They came that way. They’re the Slash set from Seymour Duncan. Love the look of the BWBW.
  17. rapaul76

    Actual CITES and Cross Border Info Canada/US Shipping

    Thanks! Need to get an Explorer now....Cheers!
  18. rapaul76

    Actual CITES and Cross Border Info Canada/US Shipping

    The info about carrying it across the border is extremely helpful. Like you, I live in Canada close to a US border. I want to buy a Gibson Explorer. Under your explanation, I shouldn't need to have a permit? Am I correct?

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