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  1. theycallmetex

    Sold - Two sets of Bareknuckle Stormy Monday PAFs

    Offering up two sets of Bareknuckle Stormy Mondays. Both sets have full length leads and original boxes/swag. Short legs, 4-conductor, potted. One set is nickel covered, the other is gold. $sold shipped for each set. No trades please. Both sets sold.
  2. theycallmetex

    Sigil London ‘66 pickups

    I’m downsizing my collection so these are up for grabs. Purchased new 4 months ago. Black bobbins, unpotted. They currently have gold covers and screws but the original nickel screws are included. Nickel mounting screws and springs are also included. $sold
  3. theycallmetex

    Sold - Faber ABR-N bridge and aluminum tailpiece aged nickel

    Aged nickel Faber ABR-N bridge and aluminum tailpiece with posts and studs $sold shipped and PayPal’d
  4. theycallmetex

    Walrus Audio 385, Walrus Audio Messner, Fulltone Full-drive 3

    Walrus audio 385. Good condition, no box. $120 shipped Walrus audio Messner. Good condition, with box and manual. I bought this from Firehouse Guitars off their Walrus display, it is stamped as a store demo. They said they weren’t allowed to sell it until it went out of production. $100 shipped...
  5. theycallmetex

    Wizz premium clone PAFs SOLD

    2021 Wizz Premium Clone PAFs with rings. Uncut leads, aged covers with double cream bobbins underneath. $sold
  6. theycallmetex

    Epiphone SG Custom (white 3 pickup version)

    Long & Mcquade in Canada has these available: It appears to be a L&M exclusive. They don’t ship to the US. Does anyone think they’ll become available in...
  7. theycallmetex

    Wizz PAFs

    I bought these and ended up not using them. Older set, 7.4K bridge and 7.5k neck. No covers. Aged gold pole pieces. $300 shipped and PayPal’d
  8. theycallmetex

    2021 Gibson Les Paul Special cherry - weekend price drop

    Dead mint 2021 Gibson Les Paul Special in cherry finish. One piece body. All stock. Original hard shell case. no trades $SOLD shipped and PayPal’d this weekend only
  9. theycallmetex

    Gibson LP Traditional w/ Upgrades!

    I’ll probably regret this, but it’s time to sell my 2009 Gibson Les Paul Traditional. Very good condition, nice flame top, 50’s neck profile, original hard shell case. Upgrades include Jonesy Blues 50’s wiring harness, K40-Y9 capacitors, blank trc, gold bell knobs, Faber aged ABR-N and aluminum...
  10. theycallmetex

    Brand new OX4 P90s SOLD

    Brand new OX4 soapbar P90s (black covers). These just arrived in the mail yesterday direct from Mark at OX4. I have decided to sell the guitar they were going into so I no longer need them. I can add pictures this evening. $sold shipped and paypal’d
  11. theycallmetex

    Fulltone Full Drive 3, Barber Tone Press, And Joyo pedals

    Barber Tone Press SOLD Fulltone Full drive 3 - No original box. Velcro on the bottom and is in good shape. $85 shipped in the ConUs. Also have Joyo American Sound and British sound. $25 each
  12. theycallmetex

    3 ReWind pickups and 1 Brandonwound T-Top

    1. Single ReWind True Kalamazoo 58 pickup. Gold cover that’s never been removed. If memory serves, this has an A4 magnet and around 7.7k dcr. I purchased this new a year ago. $sold 2. ReWind Custom PAF set. Aged with the nice vintage pulls covers. Zebra bobbins. 8.2k neck and 8.1k bridge. UOA5...
  13. theycallmetex

    (7) ReWind Electric PAF pickups and a Brandonwound T-Top

    I really hate to do this, but I have 7 ReWind Electric PAF pickups for sale. All leads are full length and all of them are very recent except for the PAF-1 which is older * All that are left are a True Kalamazoo early 58 and a Brandonwound T-Top * 1. PAF-1 neck 8.8k - slightly overwound...
  14. theycallmetex

    WTB gold Antiquity humbuckers

    found something even better than I was looking for
  15. theycallmetex

    Older Duncan JB and Jazz zebra

    For sale or trade is a set of older JB and Jazz pickups in zebra. Bottom labels read JB and JN $65 each or $120 for both shipped in conus. Trade interest would be Duncan Antiquity neck humbucker or similar. I’m having trouble posting pictures (too large) but I can email them.
  16. theycallmetex

    Trade OX4 low wind neck for ReWind

  17. theycallmetex

    Leo Quan “Badass” wrap around bridge

    Selling a Leo Quan “Badass” wrap around bridge. I am not sure of the age. This bridge came installed in my 1962 Les Paul Junior. The previous owner installed it, he owned the guitar since 1974. It definitely looks older and is in great working order. SOLD
  18. theycallmetex

    FS: Gibson Les Paul, Epiphone Dot, Lovepedal Kalamazoo

    Need to unload a few things. 1. ON HOLD - Gibson Les Paul Studio 2008 - this guitar has a faded cherryburst finish. It is identical in specs to the 50's tributes (I've had a few of those, the only difference is that these are a few years older) Upgrades - bournes 500k pots, Luxe bumblebee...
  19. theycallmetex

    Wizz Premium Clone PAFs with rings

    I've only had these for a month or so (bought new) but home repairs and medical bills require me to sell a few things. These are double cream under the covers, never been opened. A4 mags, they read 8.3k and 7.5k. They come with the m69 rings and mounting hardware. Will be shipped in the...
  20. theycallmetex

    Gibson 57 Classics and Duncan Custom Shop PAF

    First up, a set of Gibson 57 Classic / 57 Classic + pickups. Shiny covers, 4 conductor leads $sold Next, a Seymour Duncan Custom Shop PAF. Aged nickel cover like an Antiquity. Black bobbins, 4 conductor. Very clear pickup. Reads around 8.0k made as a neck pickup but would work well as a bridge...

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