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  1. Laggspike

    How would you feel if..

    Someone took a picture of your (in this case) cow, and posted it online and it gets a bunch of likes/shares? I was out walking to find something nice to take a photo of, and i found this wonderful cow standing there, and i figured to obviously to take a picture and share on social media etc...
  2. Laggspike

    Calibrating my soul!

    For nearly 4 years, ive been working hard as a machine operator in the plastic industry. Have had ups and downs: Got promoted to a stand in as a shift leader, with good succsess, until the company i work for decided to not have the shift leader roll at all, so being back being a regular...
  3. Laggspike

    What can i do?

    Hello everyone, you might know me, i know some of you do! yes, i am still in here lurking, but not as active sadly. Anyway, i kinda need some advice on something that kinda reqires a backstory so to speak. Feb. 20th i have been working for 3 years at a factory that specilize in plastic...
  4. Laggspike

    Dad wans to sell his mc to me.

    So i spoke to my dad earlier today, and long story short, he told me he is too old for his bike, and asked me if i even have a MC license. I do NOT have a license yet, and i do plan on to get one next year. My dad do trust my driving skills on both track and on road when it comes to cars (hes...
  5. Laggspike

    Always awesome to inspire people. (pic heavy)

    Some weeks ago, i was at worlds largest computer party, 20k+ people. All playing computer, chatting, playing different games, seeing live preformances etc etc etc, basically having a blast right? Since i know i can build a computer in my sleep, and i've done it since i was a kid, i'd figured...
  6. Laggspike

    Noticed a wierd trend lately.

    Its about being bad at math. Dont get me wrong, i ain't a genius when it come to math, but i do however have a basic understanding about the subject.. A week or so ago at my job, i needed to report how many details i had on a pallet, so i checked with a co-worker. 12 boxes with 30 details in...
  7. Laggspike

    Got to be the shifts leader yesterday!

    Last Monday my leader came to me and said that he was not gonna work on this Friday (yesterday) and he asked if I could take over his spot for the day. My answer? Hell yes! So yesterday I went in as a leader and got everything running as I should do. I expected nothing good, as it was my very...
  8. Laggspike

    What is going on?

    Lately I've been working A LOT, in fact so much I've only had 5 days off since my vacation. Working both weekends and what not. (Yes, getting a big fat paycheck for guitars! :D) But something that I've noticed, which has been throwing me off a little, is that I have gotten a lot more of...
  9. Laggspike


    So i invited my shift leader and my boss over to a BBQ, with A LOT of booze etc, you name it. Got my boss to make us all drinks, which turned out to be 40/60% bombay/soda. which hit harder than you think, as its 40%-ish alcohol in that stuff, AND it tastes good.. After a cupple of beer +...
  10. Laggspike

    What a week!

    I passed my last test today for my driving license, and i PASSED!! Everything started this weeks Monday, grabbed my book, started to read, and kept reading, did my thing y'know? There is just a slight plot twist: ALL reading was done at my job, while standing at the machines working, while...
  11. Laggspike

    Stupid @ss people these days!

    Okay, here is the deal: I was walking home from my job, came to a "T" section, where i saw this car, just breaking really hard, reversing fast and put it to a stop, it was there i saw a old man, laying on the ground, just in the snow and cold water.. To put it mildly, i ran as fast as i could...
  12. Laggspike

    Just some nice songs that i found.

    I hope you'll enjoy them :) Edit: Can only post 5 songs :S
  13. Laggspike

    What a year!

    20th February 2017, 14:00 I had about $10 or $20 in my bank, i was broke, i was depressed and bunch of other issues.. Walked into my now bosses office, asked if they were hiring people, which they did. A slightly nervous conversation later, i promised that i wanted to learn as much as possible...
  14. Laggspike

    Learning Jujutsu

    Just came home from my first Jujutsu lesson. I am a complete noob when it comes to fighting and defending my self, and just after one lesson, i feel more comfy about it. Also, its fun as hell, dont get me wrong, i got thrown around like i was a ball or something, but when you start to do that...
  15. Laggspike

    What are the odds?

    Won a wooping 645.360kr! ($79 606,26) I am now sitting in my own studio, i have no clue how to react! Tomorrow, we have a ENORMOUS chance for additional 116.000.000kr ($14 308 798,68) the odds of winning that, is BIG! wish me luck!
  16. Laggspike

    Getting (mis)used by the boss?

    Since i have gotten a job, that i absolutely LOVE, i have noticing a interesting thing or two. Before i start to go down in what happen'd today, i must say, that my employment is NOT permanent (yet!), but it is looking VERY good, everybody loves me, i love them just as much, i'm doing VERY...
  17. Laggspike

    Getting ready for new years eve!

    I got this and a bunch of alcohol and cigarettes so far, how about you guys?
  18. Laggspike

    Since I've gotten a job, I've noticed a weird trend..

    I went into the clothing store, bought some nice shirts and what not, also a really nice jacket for the cold winters. As fast as i started wearing my new clothing, people tend to say this: "You cant wear that!" (Yes, in all seriousness and all..) What the hell do i answer to that? I simply...
  19. Laggspike

    Please remind my SO to NOT...

    Hoover my computer.. 2xGFX = DEAD 1xHHD = DEAD 8GB of ram = missing, most likely dead. Yes, she started to hoover my computer, and i called her and explained the situation and why my computer is fvucked. she will gladly pay me for the damages. i aint even mad, i just told her "i love you A...
  20. Laggspike

    What i can call a rough week..

    My whole neighborhood knows that i had a special cat that everyone loved, kids in the school included. Even "Dog people" had come up to me and said, that they normally HATE cats, but my cat, was pretty much special, always lovable. started midweek-ish, where i got a call from the vet. spoke...

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