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  1. Red Baron

    Authentic tops in Japan

    Just trawling through a few of my favourite Japanese sites and came across these 2013/14 aged beauties and I'm sure you'll agree, there's some incredibly authentic looking tops in this lot...
  2. Red Baron

    1954 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop and other guitars (Australia)

    Hi Everyone, A non-forum member friend has entrusted me to sell some of his collection on his behalf. These guitars are located in Australia, however they can be shipped internationally. First up is a very nice 1954 goldtop. This is a big bold sounding guitar with a big neck, among the best...
  3. Red Baron

    2013 Gibson Les Paul '58 Reissue

    With great regret I'm putting my 2013 '58 Gibson Les Paul Historic Reissue up for grabs. This is the guitar I never wanted to sell and although it hurts, I absolutely need the money for a new business venture. I bought this guitar new in early 2013 from Ikebe Gakki in Japan who hand picked...
  4. Red Baron

    Car and bike enthusiasts - an app just for you

    Hey guy's, just wanted to let you know about an iphone/ipad app that I'm developing especially for high performance engine enthusiasts. The app itself is titled RevHeadz and it does exactly that... allows you you rev the crap out of many of the world's best sounding car and bike engines...
  5. Red Baron

    RedPlate Blackloop Amp (Australia)

    Hey Guy's, I have my RedPlate Blackloop amp for sale/trade... it's just too much amp for my needs right now and therefore isn't getting used. The RedPlate Blackloop is a 40 watt (2 x 6L6) boutique hand-wired amp built in Arizona with a big reputation for excellence and versatility. It's...
  6. Red Baron

    Feels like the first time...

    My 2013 Green Lemon R8 arrived from Ikebe-Gakki (Japan) a few days ago and all I can say is that the hype surrounding these 2013's is justified if this one is anything to go by... this is a GREAT guitar right out of the box and I can't imagine wanting to change anything on it. I love the...
  7. Red Baron

    FS: 1968 Les Paul Goldtop

    Hey guy's, I'm offering a genuine 1968 Goldtop for sale on behalf of a friend of mine. I've taken quite an interest in these 68's over the years (I've owned one myself) and I can tell you that this one is a terrific guitar that's in excellent condition. I also know the full history of this...
  8. Red Baron

    2000 R9 Plaintop

    Hi all, thought you might like to see this 2000 R9 that I scored from a member in Japan about a month ago. It's a well played guitar with a lot of scars but it sounds and plays incredibly good, especially after a few upgrades and tweaks. So far I've installed a Faber bridge, Pigtail steel...
  9. Red Baron

    2013 '54 Goldtop

    I'm after one and I'd appreciate it if anyone can point me to a dealer who might have one, in particular with a gloss finish. Cheers guys :thumb:
  10. Red Baron

    WTB: Ron Ellis Broadcaster Pickups

    I foolishly sold my last set and now I'd like to get another... if you have a Broadcaster set you'd like to sell, please hit me with them. :wave:
  11. Red Baron

    NGD... MB Tele

    New Christmas Guitar Day from my lovely wife. This beautiful Fred Stuart built Tele Custom. Most likely a 1-off custom order due to the binding and ebony board. One-piece ash body, huge birdseye neck, nice and lightweight too... just needs a good setup and she's ready to roll :thumb:
  12. Red Baron

    F/S 1954 Les Paul Standard

    I'm looking to sell my 1954 Les Paul wraptail. This is a really nice playing/sounding guitar with a great 2 piece birdseye top. No breaks/repairs and plenty of fret life. Weighs around 9lbs. Please note - this guitar is in Australia. Feel free to contact me for additional pics etc. Will...
  13. Red Baron

    1954 Les Paul Standard

    I've got this listed on eBay Australia with domestic shipping only however if a forum member is interested please let me know so we can discuss international shipping options. eBay Australia: Buy new & used fashion, electronics & home d
  14. Red Baron

    Show us your vintage wraptail Les Paul

    I love wraptails - the feel, the simplicity and the sustain. Let's see them! :dude: I'll kick it off with my '54...
  15. Red Baron

    WTB Set of Original 50's (or replica) LP Barrel/Speed Knobs

    Please PM me if you have a set of 4 for sale (with a price) - can be in any condition providing they're not chipped/cracked. I'd also consider a set of reproduction aged barrel knobs providing they look like the real deal. Cheers, Chris
  16. Red Baron

    Stripped '54 goldtop

    Hi all, thought I'd show a few pics of my recently acquired '54 stripped goldtop. The 2-piece birdseye top is 1cm off dead centre which is a nice bonus for a guitar from this era, and the neck is medium sized with very little shoulder depth, with a slight 'V' shape to it - very comfortable...
  17. Red Baron

    2010 Gibson Les Paul '58 Historic Reissue

    This guitar is from a limited edition run of 30 guitars built for the Japanese market in 2010. It's an excellent sounding guitar that weighs 8.6lbs. It has a very comfortable medium "C" shaped neck as is typical of 2009-2011 R8's and R9's. I've upgraded all of the hardware with top shelf...
  18. Red Baron

    FT: Throbak's DT-102 LTD MXV

    These are excellent pickups, exceptionally articulate but I'm after something a little bit hotter and I've always wanted to try a set of Tom Holmes (preferably unpotted, 2 conductor), so if anybody has a set they'd like to trade for these Throbak's I'd be interested in hearing from you. Btw...
  19. Red Baron

    F/S Very Unique 2010 R8

    Change of heart guy's, the guitar I wanted to replace this with is unattainable so I've decided to keep this one for the time being. I've not received any formal offers yet anyway but I do apologize in advance for any inconvenience.
  20. Red Baron

    Throbak Magnet Sets

    Hey all, I've got a few sets of magnets from Throbak pickups... if you like to tinker with your sound then these will really change the character and tone of your pickups. 2 x A5's 2 x unoriented A5's 2 x short A2's (these are quite different to usual A2's) I'm open to offers (or possibly...

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