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  1. coldengray

    Les Paul Classic to 56 Goldtop Makeover/Conversion

    Can’t see the latest photo...
  2. coldengray

    What's your favorite pickups?

    I have had good experiences with OX4. Something about those pickups are just really chimey, a middle position to die for. I would like to try some Throbak's but I need to sell some pedals and parts to drum up the cash. With that said, I think Custombuckers are great and I dig the low wind...
  3. coldengray

    Please show me your fiddlebacks.

    When I think "fiddleback top" I think Pearly Gates.
  4. coldengray

    SOLD - FS: Gibson VOS Custombuckers $325 shipped/ppd

    Trade for 2019 low wind Custombucker S pickups?
  5. coldengray

    '58 DC Jr String Tension

    Add some relief to the neck.
  6. coldengray

    Lifton Case And Cracked Tuner Knob

    Email Gibson support, they will send you a new tuner no questions asked. Just provide them the serial number and let them know you're the original owner.
  7. coldengray

    "Shipping damage" = Buyer's remorse?

    If you can source an OEM Fender pot you should be good. Or you could upgrade the cheap OEM pots with USA made CTS and it could be seen as an improvement to the guitar.
  8. coldengray

    "Shipping damage" = Buyer's remorse?

    Be prepared to go to the ends of the earth to get the insurance paid out. They will fight you every step of the way.
  9. coldengray

    "Shipping damage" = Buyer's remorse?

    Give me a break. “After market parts”?? It’s a pot not a pickup.
  10. coldengray

    NGD- 1955 custom disappointment

    That “55 point inspection” thing is BS. I’ve returned stuff that had QC issues only to see it back up on the website being sold as a new item. Sweetwater is pretty good but a lot their marketing hype is just that - hype.
  11. coldengray

    "Shipping damage" = Buyer's remorse?

    I can’t imagine going through the hassle of returning a guitar just for a broken pot shaft. That is a very simple fix. The guy absolutely broke it to facilitate a refund. Buyers remorse 100%...wife probably busted him for buying a new guitar.
  12. coldengray

    Good old R9

    I think $2500 is fair given the situation, though I would suggest using better pictures if you're selling online.
  13. coldengray

    WTB: Danocaster

    Not sure if you heard but Danocaster just called it quits. The guitars are going to be in high demand now! Best of luck.
  14. coldengray

    2013 Bourbon Burst R8 - $OLD

    Passing on a good deal I picked up on a whim...gotta sell some guitars to free up some cash so here we go. 2013 R8 plain top Bourbon Burst that is totally stock with some subtle figuring and nice mineral streaks. Frets are excellent, fretboard is completely smooth with no wood pores than I can...
  15. coldengray

    Please delete

    Good seller here.
  16. coldengray

    WTB/TF: 10" speaker(s)

    I think I have some new-in-box Jupiter 10" speakers in my shop. If those interest you I will get details.
  17. coldengray

    NGD: 2018 R8 Honey Lemon

    Love it. Congrats. I am thrilled to see all the NGD posts lately.
  18. coldengray

    Pearly Gates makeover NGD

    Beautiful. I bet this project was a lot of fun!
  19. coldengray

    This is all I want -Photos from Chicago Music Exchange

    CME is doing great work with the Gibson Custom Shop. My two CME exclusive LPs are killer. If anyone is in the market for a new historic I highly recommend working with Matt Kashuda at CME.

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