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  1. Neylus

    Gibson SG Junior Identification Help

    Hi there, I've got an eye on a beautiful 60's SG Junior, but the seller is not 100% of the year it was made. I've got some pics and a serial number so I'd appreciate if anyone could help on this one! He also says the nut width is 1 9/16 which I believe must be post-1965, but the pots (that may...
  2. Neylus

    SG Junior and Special questions

    Hey all, I'm looking to buy an SG with P90 (either one or two) and a vibrola. I was thinking of the Juniors. I had a 61 SG Junior but I sold it a few months ago because the neck was extremely thin, which I don't like. So I guess I'm looking for a '65 to '69 Special or Junior? How is the...
  3. Neylus

    Soon To Be NGD - VOS Singlecut '57 Jr

    Hi there! So I was gassing for a Singlecut Junior for a long time and tried a few original 50's Juniors but buying one of these in the UK is very difficult - they're very rare and very expensive (found two for around £5000 each). So I looked at the Historics versions and they look pretty...
  4. Neylus

    56 Les Paul Junior - Is it fake ?!

    Hi there, I've been targeting Les Paul Juniors for a while and tried a bunch of them, but haven't found one I fell in love with, with a good price haha. I'm in the UK, in London. I saw this ad on craigslist but I have actually never bought something from that website so I don't know if...
  5. Neylus

    1961 Gibson Les Paul SG Junior

    Hi there! It's the first time I post in the Vintage SG section! So I went to a store in London to check out guitars and saw that wonderful '61 SG Junior with one single P90. Absolutely loved the sound and the feel, it's was literally perfect. First vintage SG I play but also first Junior...
  6. Neylus

    New Project - Any feedback MUCH appreciated!

    Hey all! My friend just started a new solo project and I'm helping him to record some of the songs in the album. Here is the first song, he recorded avec mixed everything for this one. If you have any time, I would really appreciate some...
  7. Neylus

    URGENT Fake or not? Gibson LP Axcess

    Hey guys, just found a deal in my country (Morocco) for a Gibson Les Paul Axcess without Floyd Rose... ...for 900 bucks. So here are the photos : Thank you guys for your help!!! it's quite urgent!
  8. Neylus

    NGD - Washed Cherry Les Paul R8 !

    Hi everyone! I am currently in Paris with a cousin of mine for a week and during this trip I planned to buy a new guitar and it turns out that it was actually a Gibson LP So I have seen many reviews, videos and demos about what interested me and I immediately flashed on the 2013 standard...
  9. Neylus

    R8 Custom Shop Case - Issue?

    Hey all, just saw that thing on a R8 plain top's flight case, the neck seems to be okay in the first slot, but it doesn't touch the second one. Here's a photo if you don't understand me : The first "slot" that seems to be ok with the neck : The second one, the one where the neck doesn't...
  10. Neylus

    Gibson '88 LP Slash - Should I buy ?

    Hey guys, Just found a 1988 Gibson Les Paul Standard, 3 pieces top just like Slash's VOS one but it's the "original guitar". It has been refinished buy a french luther for the VOS washed cherry slash finish to look exactly like slash's one. The price : 2,600 USD - 2000 € - 1,700 £ It's...
  11. Neylus

    WTB- Gibson LP Slash SVOS 2008

    Hey guys, I've been searching for a long time to buy that particular guitar that I love, but can't find anything... I want to buy the VOS one (not AGED) in very good/great condition if possible. I live in Morocco, it'd be better if the seller was in Europe but nevermind. Tell me if you...
  12. Neylus

    Gibson LP Slash 2008 VOS - Another fake?

    Hey guys! I recently saw a deal on a Gibson Les Paul Slash VOS 2008 Aged/Signed and I don't know if it's fake because oh the price... The price is 1500 euros. I have some photos to share, please help guys!
  13. Neylus

    String breaking problem...

    Hey all, I am using Ernie Ball .11-.48 Power Slinky strings and they don't last longer than a week, let me explain...: I ALWAYS break the A or D string (very weird) when I'm playing. I change all my strings and two days after the D string breaks at the stopbar, I don't know why. Is it a...
  14. Neylus

    Gibson Les Paul AFD - Fake/Legit?

    Hey guys! Just saw a pretty good deal on a Custom AFD Les Paul in the internet, but I only have 3 photos of the guitar at the moment. The prise is 3,300 USD for the guitar, it's a Custom Shop one! I'm wondering if it's a real one or a fake, please help! :wave:
  15. Neylus

    Unofficial Slash Les Paul 2012 thread

    Hey all, :thumb: Just saw this link saying that Slash will be releasing a new Gibson signature Les Paul of the AFD series this year. Slash himself says that in the video of the link. Slash’s ‘Appetite for Destruction’ Signature Guitar Resurrected by Gibson But, I also...
  16. Neylus

    Gibson LP Slash vs others...

    I have the choice of getting one of those guitars but I don't know which one to take... what's your point ? :thumb:
  17. Neylus

    My LP won't get in tune...

    Hey, My Gibson LP Studio '50 tribute humbucker won't stay tuned ! Every time I tune it correctly with a real tuner, I play like a solo or some chords and it goes untuned... REALLY bad thing. How can I fix that ? I'm settings the strings correctly. Buy some locking tuners? Please help ! A gig...
  18. Neylus

    Custom shop 60' Neck

    Hey all, I would like to know if there is a Gibson Custom Shop Black Beauty LP model with a 60' Slim Taper neck ? Sorry if that had been posted ! Thanks !
  19. Neylus

    50' Neck profil to 60' ?

    Hey there, I would like to know if it is possible to convert my Gibson LP Tribute 50's (humbucker)'s 50' neck to a 60' neck without changing the whole neck by replacing it, or buy a new guitar. I ask that because I tried a Gibson with a 60' neck at a friend's house and LOVED it. I don't have...
  20. Neylus

    Putting Seymour Duncan Alnico 2 Pro's pickups on my LP.

    Hey all, I want to change my 490/498 pickups for Seymour Duncan Alnico 2 Pro for my Gibson Les Paul Tribute '50 (humbuckers). The only problem is that there's the slash model (APH-2) and the standard model that was before the slash (APH-1), and I don't know the differences between those two...

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