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  1. DonP

    Painting a Faded Les Paul

    i have an L&M 2012 Faded Les Paul. I hate faded Les Pauls, but this one cost me about $1000 shipped and has a killer vintage burst in lemon drop. I have done the Virtuoso clean and polish to get it somewhat shiny, but now I'm thinking of giving it a thin coat of aged clear lacquer I picked up...
  2. DonP

    Who has shaved a neck and can tell about the results?

    I've had a CR8 I bought new in 2009. Not an overly fat neck, but I'd be much happier if it was like my G0 neck. Needless to say I've thought about having it shaved for years and never had the balls. Well, I know Jimmy Page did it and like the results. I'm wondering who else has done it too. I...
  3. DonP

    Gibson Strap Buttons

    New in package, made of lightweight aluminum. $10 + $6 shipping.
  4. DonP

    Tuners from a 1998 SG Std.

    These Gibson Deluxe tuners have a nice patina on the nickel. They are Made in Germany, so I think they are Schallers. $70 + $6 shipping.
  5. DonP

    Tone Pros locking studs and wrench

    Used, but in great shape. $35 + $6 shipping.
  6. DonP

    Tone Pros II bridge

    Nickel Tone Pros bridge with allen wrench. Saddles were shapes to a 10" Radius by Dan Erlewine. $50 + $6 shipping.
  7. DonP

    Gibson amber knobs new in package

    Let me know if you have any questions. $15 + $6 shipping. Thanks.
  8. DonP

    WTB-ABR-1 Saddle Intonation screw wired

    Thanks to Gibson's aging or hammering saddle practice, while turning an intonation screw, it just snapped in half on my A string. I'm hoping I can get out the remaining bit. It's a 2004 model - with wire. Anyone have one saddle screw laying around? Thanks, Don
  9. DonP

    Inlay replacement - best way to radius replacements

    I'm in the middle on an inlay replacement (my first) and I'm looking for suggestions on the best ways you have found to pre-radius the inlays. Some say sand paper in a 24" trash can, others have used radius sanding blocks from Stew Mac. Just looking for some help. Thanks, Don
  10. DonP

    Dual thumb wheels and the tonal impact?

    I use dual thumb wheels on a lot of my ABR-1 Gibson's. Too much looking at BOTB, and it seemed to me to be a good idea to prevent the post from bending from the string down force. I'm curious if other people use dual thumb wheels, and what they hear as being the tonal impact of doing this...
  11. DonP

    So who has the lightest Les Paul?

    I don't know if this has been done already. Open to all true Les Pauls (no jrs please or at least say what it is). I'll start. 2009 CR8 7lbs 1oz. Here's a bad picture. It's less red and more teaburst in person.
  12. DonP

    SG headstocks

    I was looking at a 1961 Reissue at GC (fairly recent one) and it seemed to me the headstock seemed large compared to a regular SG Standard. Was it me imagining things?
  13. DonP

    Who has shaved a neck and lived to tell about it?

    I have a gorgeous CR8 that I could never part with, yet I prefer thinner necks like my G0, or even better, my shredder Classic or 60s Standard. I'd like to hear from someone who's actually done it (Page or Walsh? LOL!) and what they thought afterwards of the changes. Thanks.
  14. DonP

    What is the real bobbin color of double whites?

    Is it white? Is it cream? I always thought since they were called double white the bobbin color is white. Is it white that has changed color over the years and from use?
  15. DonP

    More pictures of the 56 Refinish

    Sorry, they are a little on the large size. Looks to me like the covers are correct. The pickups look good too. In circuit, the neck is 7.87, the bridge 7.45. I don't know a real 50's pickguard to tell if mine is correct or not. Maybe you guys can tell? I also got a couple shots of the neck...
  16. DonP

    A 1956 Les Paul...refin

    I don't spend any time at all in the vintage forum because I thought I'd never have a need to, but now I do. I'm in a hotel in Nashville and head back with the guitar to Cinci tomorrow. I bought a 1956 from GC for $5K + Nashville tax ($5.5K). The usual B.S., we don't discount Vintage. I...
  17. DonP

    What are the correct knobs for a 77 Black Custom?

    I'm thinking black with gold reflectors. Or are they chrome?
  18. DonP

    Would you trade a G0 for an Axcess?

    The G0 is a 2004. Very dark and smooth fretboard, almost ebony, with a shiney waxy appearance. It's a great guitar, no doubt. Only issue is Mr. Obvious: It's a plaintop. The Axcess has a great looking top. Great looking Iced Tea burst. I haven't made the offer to swap yet, so I was wonder...
  19. DonP

    Does this look decent?

    How much should I offer for it? The color in real life isn't that orange. I'd call it a dusty iced tea to dusty lemonburst.

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