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  1. djlogan33

    Gibson B. B. King Lucille signed by B. B. King PSA DNA

    I just posted this guitar on eBay... at $8500. (or best offer) with free shipping. In the history of all music, there has never been a guitar associated with one musician quite like blues legend B.B. King is linked to his beloved Lucille – a custom-built Gibson ES-355 manufactured...
  2. djlogan33

    2002 Les Paul '58 Reissue Flametop (Butterscotch)

    -Gibson Les Paul '58 Reissue Flametop (Butterscotch)... I'm considering selling my R8... I have checked on eBay. They are asking $3500 and up for Flametop LP R8 guitars... I would rather selling my R8 to someone from MLP. Make me an offer...:thumb:
  3. djlogan33

    1958 Reissue Flametop

    -Gibson Les Paul '58 Reissue Flametop (Butterscotch) I'm considering selling my R8...
  4. djlogan33

    Why I like Blues Guitar?

    As I opened the door, the sound of the guitar grabbed me by the nape of the neck, reached into my soul, and never let go. There are few things in this world as wild, as primal, or as powerful as blues guitar. In the hands of a master musician, the guitar screeches and squeals; it cries...
  5. djlogan33

    R7 Historic Collection Goldtop

    1996 Gibson Les Paul R7 Historic Collection Goldtop, originally purchased directly from Gibson for Johnny Marr and played on the "Electronica" album w/ original case, tags, and documentation. $3500 or best offer...
  6. djlogan33

    Tone & Volume settings

    Please share with what you have found to get the best “Blues” tone from your TONE & VOLUME settings. Also what pickup settings… :jam::jam::jam:
  7. djlogan33

    Fretlight guitar - Light-up fretboard

    A couple of years ago, a seasoned guitar player friend of mine showed me a guitar that had LED lights under the fretboard that could teach you scales, chords and detail riffs. It was called a Fretlight guitar. I found a used Fretlight guitar on eBay at a real good price and bought it...
  8. djlogan33

    Why did Fender discontinue the G-DEC 3 Thirty?

    I have several nice and expensive tube amps, but I use my Fender G-DEC 3 Thirty, at home, more than any other amp. The G-Dec 3 Thirty has so many different tones and backtracks to experiment with. Does anyone know why Fender discontinued the G-DEC 3 Thirty...
  9. djlogan33

    My collection...

  10. djlogan33

    Guitar leads...

    I would like to have a series of guitar solos from different songs all merged into one track. What music editing software do I need to copy & paste, just guitar solos into one track?
  11. djlogan33

    The 50 greatest guitar tones of all time... ever!

    The March 2008 issue of Guitarist magazine Number-1 Best Guitar Solo Of All Time, Gilmour’s second solo on “Comfortably Numb” is also a powerhouse of majestic, soaring guitar tone. At the peak of his creative powers during the recording of The Wall, on Another Brick In The Wall (Part II)...
  12. djlogan33

    B. B. King signed...

    I'm lucky enough to have two B. B. King "Lucille" guitars signed by B. B. King.. :jam::jam::jam:
  13. djlogan33

    Joe Bonamassa Concert

    Attended a Joe Bonamassa concert in Youngstown, Ohio...last night... :jam::jam::jam:
  14. djlogan33

    "Lucille" with a Bigsby vibrato...

    My girlfriend decided to test my new digital camera video capability and did a test of me playing my Lucille…then she posted it on YouTube…before I could stop her…. B. B. King ---"King of the BLUES".... Using a modified Gibson B. B. King "Lucille" with a Bigsby vibrato... B. B. King signed...
  15. djlogan33

    Cars & Guitars...

  16. djlogan33

    Cars & Guitars...

  17. djlogan33

    Martin 000-28EC Eric Clapton - maybe someday...

    The Martin 000-28EC Eric Clapton Signature Acoustic Guitar is handcrafted with a premium East Indian rosewood back and sides and a bookmatched top of select quartersawn Sitka spruce. Its smaller 000 body size and short 24-9/10" scale help produce delicate, balanced tones... :jam::jam::jam:
  18. djlogan33

    HardWire DL-8 Delay/Looper guitar pedal

    Got this for Christmas and have not used it yet... Doed anyone have any experience with it? The HardWire DL-8 Delay/Looper guitar pedal gives you up to eight seconds of delay and a ton of loop time - plus, its true bypass keeps your signal pristine when it's turned off. The pros choose...
  19. djlogan33

    DigiTech DL-8 HardWire Delay/Looper Extreme-Performance Pedal

    Does anyone have any experience with this pedal? Opinions? I recieved this as a Christmas gift. Product Features Delay Types: Digital, Reverse , Modulated - chorused delay, Analog - vintage bucket brigade analog delay, Slapback, LoFi, Tape 20 Second Looper True Bypass circuitry...
  20. djlogan33

    Badass chick guitarist

    Badass chick guitarist rippin it up. Shes played with Santana, opened for Steve Vai, and played at Claptons' Crossraods. Shes also played with Carrie Underwood at the Grammys. She was going to be the guitarist for Michael Jackson's new tour and can be seen in his concert movie This Is It...

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