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  1. Red Planet

    NGD 60 ES-125 very clean

    1960 Gibson ES-125
  2. Red Planet


    Hi All, Please delete
  3. Red Planet

    I'm shocked and amazed.

    To open up my (newly acquired) R8 and find it has modern wiring. So much for playing authentically. :wtf: Its a 2003 so I'm sure they have fixed that by now right? Probably not. Then I figure out the Bumble Bees are fake? Sorry late to the party. Damn just got through rewiring and replacing...
  4. Red Planet

    Lets see those Les Paul control cavities!

    Recently upgraded my Gibson Les Paul Standard 50s to the Blues Kit. I must say it made all the difference in the world to how my guitar functions. I'm even tempted to change out the controls in my R8 as the kits in my Standard functions way better than the controls in my R8...
  5. Red Planet

    R8 Plain Top Day Every Day

    Post your R8 Plain Top. Go!
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    To R8 or not to R8 that is the question?

    So I sold a rare Rickenbacker and have a little extra funds. I was thinking of picking up a used R8 that appears to have had the PUPS swapped out or I can buy a USA 50s Gold Strat and a USA Les Paul Special with the vintage style bridge. Decisions decisions? Any thoughts?
  7. Red Planet

    What sounds better than a Les Paul + OCD + Tweed?

    Nothing hahaha! Show me your Tweed and Les Paul!
  8. Red Planet

    What is the difference in these electronics.

    On the Historic Les Pauls see electronic description. Controls CTS 500K Audio Taper Potentiometers, Paper-in-Oil Capacitors Pickup Selector 3-Way Switchcraft Output Jack Switchcraft and on Les Paul Standard...
  9. Red Planet

    2006 Japan Made Epiphone Les Paul Special Value

    Looking at this LP Special for sale. Has a few nicks here and there but overal good player. Has all original hardware and electronics. Also has a set of Lollar P90s installed in it. What are these worth?
  10. Red Planet

    Dimarzio Lovers check this combination

    In typical gear fanaticism I already made the purchase but I thought I would ask if anyone has used this combination. I ordered a Dimarzio PAF 59 Bridge and a PAF Master Neck for my GLP Standard 50s. I'm not happy at all with the bridge PUP on my LP and thought I would try a set of Dimarzios...
  11. Red Planet

    50s wiring on LP Standard 50s not working

    So I removed the orange drop and tone pot completely from the circuit of my neck pickup and still losing highs when roll it back. Is the volume pot value off?
  12. Red Planet


    What year did CTS stop manufacturing in the USA?
  13. Red Planet

    Gibson Les Paul Standard 50s not wired 50s wiring

    Who would a thunk it? I knew my volume was muddy when rolling it down so I took a look under the hood and low and behold modern wiring. Easy fix right? Gibson cut the leads so short on the caps I had to do some finagling to get it to work and guess what? While pushing on the bridge pup lead leg...
  14. Red Planet

    True Historic?

    So a buddy of mine claims a 2015 CS 59 a mutual friend owns is a true historic and what they are making now is not. Is there some bassis for this? I keep asking him what is the difference and he keeps not answering me. Im not up on historics of any vintage and more just curious now.
  15. Red Planet

    How many Les Pauls have you owned and what are/were they?

    I will start. In my gear infected world I have had many a musical thing come and go. I never really was sentimental about stuff until maybe recent years. Some of those guitars I'd like to have back but I'm not one for keeping a bunch at one time. I know some of you have massive collections that...
  16. Red Planet

    Gibson serial numbers 2016 and beyond

    Hi All, I ran across this yesterday and I never could find the answer on the web anywhere here or otherwise. If you look at the Gibson website they make notice that the Gibson serial system was changed in 2014 to present, see pasted here: "Gibson USA 2014 to present – These serial numbers...
  17. Red Planet

    Burstbucker 1 & 2 Coil Colors?

    Of the Burstbucker 1 & 2 what are the coil colors of these on a Gibson LP Standard 50's?
  18. Red Planet

    Wish me luck. Gig Night.

    Hoping for a nice time tonight. Playing our first post catastrophe gig tonight with my classic rock band at a semi local vacation spot. Tonight's rig consists of Copper Broadcaster replica with Charlie Christian neck pup, 71 Super Reverb converted to 2x10 with an OCDV3 and a Diamond Compressor...
  19. Red Planet

    Epiphone Les Paul Standard 50s or 1959 Les Paul Standard

    So I been stewing on a Les Paul Standard and was wondering which way to go. I like big fat necks, not too heavy, and great chiming cleans. I mostly play traditional Blues and some times Classic Rock through either a 71 Super Reverb or a custom 30 watt Tweed Deluxe. Also anyone know where in the...
  20. Red Planet

    Any information on Epi 57CH pups?

    Curious how these pickups sound. Hot or vintage output? Bright or warm tone? Are these favored or rip them out kinda pups. Specs I'm seeing on inconing guitar are: Neck pickup: Orig. Epiphone 57CH, 8.43k Bridge pickup: Orig. Epiphone 57CH, 13.47k

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