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  1. coldengray

    2013 Bourbon Burst R8 - $OLD

    Passing on a good deal I picked up on a whim...gotta sell some guitars to free up some cash so here we go. 2013 R8 plain top Bourbon Burst that is totally stock with some subtle figuring and nice mineral streaks. Frets are excellent, fretboard is completely smooth with no wood pores than I can...
  2. coldengray

    Another NGD: Amber Burst R8

    This landed in my lap from a friend...long story but now it's mine. 2019 R8 in Amber burst. 8 pounds even, Carmelita neck. Not sure if I will keep it, I want to but gotta sell some stuff and see how the finances shake out. In the meantime here she is...a looker for sure:
  3. coldengray

    Unexpected NGD: R8 Bourbon Burst

    I love plain tops and I love bursts that have some purple in them. I was browsing the TGP Emporium and saw this 2013 R8 priced to sell. I couldn't resist and figured if I didn't bond with it I could move it easily and break even. Well, after a week I can say I love it. The neck is fatter than...
  4. coldengray

    Luthier recommendation for shrunken binding

    I am looking for a luthier, preferably on the east coast, who has experience fixing shrunken binding on vintage Les Pauls. I’m talking specifically about the cutaway binding that is known to pull back a bit on vintage Les Pauls due to humidity and/or temperature issues. Any recommendations? Thanks!
  5. coldengray

    WTB: My old Phaez JTM18 with plexiglass front panel

    My old Phaez JTM18 was sold on here a few years ago. It has a black head cabinet with plexiglass front panel so you can see the tubes. Who has it and would you be willing to sell it back to me? Thanks!
  6. coldengray

    2019 “Double Gold” vs. 2018 “Antique Gold”

    Has anyone seen the new “Double Gold” in person? It’s hard to tell in photos...the Sweetwater photos make it look awful but the CME photos look great.
  7. coldengray

    Les Paul Parts: MojoAxe Pickguard and Gibson Tuners

    Aged MojoAxe Pickguard for newer (post 2013) Historic Les Pauls: $40 shipped Gibson double line, single ring VOS tuners off an R8: $75 shipped (includes bushings and screws)
  8. coldengray

    WTB: Custom Buckers

    Hi gang Looking for a set of Custom Buckers to put into my 335. I love the MHS pickups but I need my 335 to sound identical to my R7 so would like to buy some Custom Buckers pulled from a Custom Shop reissue. There’s a couple of sets on Reverb but they are priced too high IMO. Please PM me if...
  9. coldengray

    WTB: Shanks CC7

    Title says it all...GAS got the better of me a few years ago and I’d like to get another Shanks CC7. Please PM me if you have one you’ll let go!
  10. coldengray

    Fs: High End Jtm45 Replica Build - Mustards, Merren, Mercury, Pec Pots, Master Volume

    This is a high end JTM45 replica chassis made by me. This is a clone of my personal '65 JTM45 and has: - Metro/Valvestorm chassis - Gold plexi faceplate with vintage correct markings - NOS Mullard Mustards (not Bianchi) - NOS brown 60s UK McMurdo octal sockets - Merren Drake Output...
  11. coldengray

    FS: Celestion Creamback M & H

    Speakers for sale, all in excellent condition with no issues. Prices include shipping in the continental USA, PayPal Friends & Family would be preferred as I have excellent feedback...but not a deal breaker. No trades: Celestion Creamback M 8 ohms, very low hours - SOLD Celestion Creamback H...
  12. coldengray

    FS: Marshall 1960A style 4x12 by Jeff Swanson, loaded or unloaded

    For sale is a Marshall style 1960A 4x12 built by Jeff Swanson, who is a master cabinet builder. His work is top notch and this cabinet is built like a tank: Real Marshall Black Levant tolex Basketweave grill cloth Scumback replica Marshall handles w/chrome bar Gold string Large white tadpole...
  13. coldengray

    Incoming NGD - Historic Makeover!

    Well, I always said my CC7 Shanks was my keeper...but when a plain top Historic Makeover with the full Deluxe package popped up on my radar I couldn't resist as I MUCH prefer plain tops to flames. As long as I love it my beloved Shanks will be going on the block, it's heavily upgraded so I...
  14. coldengray

    WTB: Les Paul 1960 Historic Reissue G0 Plain top

    I am looking for a Les Paul 1960 Historic Reissue G0 that is under 9lbs, to use as a Historic Makeover donor. Condition is not a concern, nor are pickups. No neck breaks please. PM me with any plain top R0s but the lower cost of a G0 would be great. I can do cash or trade a high-end...
  15. coldengray

    FS - Skreddy, Basic Audio, Stomp Under Foot, Xotic, more.

    All pedals in excellent condition and come with original boxes, all prices shipped and PayPal'd in the USA. Basic Audio Scarab Deluxe (blue color) - $175 Hardwire Supernatural Ambient Reverb - $125 Skreddy Lunar Module Mini Deluxe - $165 Stomp Under Foot Limited Edition '73 Rams Head Big...
  16. coldengray

    FS: Metro Headmaster amp head switcher

    Decided I need to sell the Metro Headmaster. It allows you to run two heads into one cabinet and switch on the fly using a foot switch - no pops, no noise. George doesn't make them anymore. I LOVE it but everything has to go. $250 shipped and PayPal'd in the USA. Includes power supply and...
  17. coldengray

    Mercury Magnetics JMP50 Power Transformer

    Mercury JMP50 PT, model P50JM-475 for sale. New in box. Retails for $281 plus shipping, I will let it go for $200 PayPal'd and shipped in the USA.
  18. coldengray

    PSA - Marshall Forum poll for a Marshall builds sub-forum

    Hey guys...since George stopped offering kits and the Metro Forum crashing a couple times, it's pretty quiet over there. Same for Vintage Amps Forum and Marstran's forum. I see builds posted here and all over the web, but there is no central, active place for people to share their replica...
  19. coldengray

    Let's see those Historics with 4x12s!

    Check out my recent acquisition: Germino MGL50 Master Model Lead...Greg's take on the Marshall 2204. Partnered with my Shanks and a Swanson 4x12, it's a winning combination. Speakers are UK made Celestion 12C's, pulled from a Hendrix cab. Let's see yours!
  20. coldengray

    5F11 Tweed "Vibrolush" build

    Just wrapped up a fun build, a 5F11 circuit. Tweed Vibrolux is simply a Harvard with vibe added. A great amp because it's light (18lbs) portable, has 3 inputs for varying degrees of volume attenuation and more clean headroom than a 5E3. Turned out nicely...Mercury transformers, Jupiter caps...

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