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  1. ausmatt

    For sale; Gibson Les Paul custom ultima. In UK.

    For sale. 2008 Custom Les Paul ultima, it is the AAAAA quilt top, flame abalone inlay, the stop tail, imperial tuners, and is in 100% mint condition I am in the UK. Will ship internationally, the buyer pays shipping and insurance, will not ship uninsured. Please email Matt at...
  2. ausmatt

    Uncle Lou's

    Hey all, Can someone give me a direct link to some of the premium uncle lou's tuner tips please, have tried the ones in all the threads and can't find em. Your help is appreciated. Matt.
  3. ausmatt

    At last!

    Best pics I can do i'm sorry, me no computer puty iny thingy's.:)
  4. ausmatt

    Just wondered.......

    Hi all. I have been reading a lot of the posts etc on changing parts out on historics, eg electrics and hardware etc, I just had a thought and was interested to get you guys opinions on it. Just a different take. Here goes. When people buy old guitars such as bursts etc they look at the...
  5. ausmatt


    Hi all. Want to buy a Rossington Les Paul, if any one knows someone who is lookin to sell, would prefer a private seller. Must be original.
  6. ausmatt

    Some pics for your enjoyment

    Hi all. Thought was about time learned how to put pics up, so here goes. (fingers crossed) hope you enjoy.:shock:
  7. ausmatt

    Slash aged signed

    Hi all, Had an interesting conversation with a top australian gibson dealer couple of days ago. Bare in mind I have no info to back this up. I asked about some info on slash aged and signed, and was informed not to worry because they had it on good information that there will be a second run...
  8. ausmatt

    sour grapes

    Hi, new to the forum, have been visiting and watching for a little bit. I hate for my first post to be a bitch but..... I have to say that it's pretty dissapointing to hear so many people getting stuck into the artist series and sig guitars, i have a few and, yes they are expensive, no they...

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