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    Defending Gibson (Really)

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    Quality Control - Does it exist? First experience w/Gibson = garbage

    So Gibson make all this crap and you want blame the shop, you are talking out of your arse.
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    My Gibson horror story

    This is perfectly normal with Gibson guitars, the Luthier will build you a quality guitar.
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    In need of advice on which epiphone to buy!

    Tribute Plus, i got one this week, great guitar.
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    New Epiphone LP Tribute Plus on the way!

    I just got one of these off e/bay and it really is a well made great guitar. I also have the Gibson trad with the 57s and you are correct about the sound. The Gibson has a brighter tone played clean and when played dirty the Epi has a sharper and more fizzy sound. But the Epi really is an...
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    Fake 355 on Ebay (UK) ?

    You can have a Gibson 335 or a Gibson Les Paul, one guitar can't be both can it?
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    And your point is.
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    Hi guys, i was about to buy a pair of good speakers for my laptop to boost the sound and to do some recording. I also wanted the extra volume so i could jam along to backing tracks etc. After reading a few posts i think maybe i should go for a pair of real monitors. The KRK Rokit RP5 G2 look to...
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    Another Example Of Gibson Lack of QC!

    A few people have made the comment that now and then that a badly made guitar has slipped through the net. What a complete load of BS, to me this applies to a guitar with a small scratch on it or some other small imperfection. Not a guitar that has been so badly made it is unplayable.
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    Another Example Of Gibson Lack of QC!

    100% correct.:dude:
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    Another Example Of Gibson Lack of QC!

    When a company charges top $ the quality should be way better than Gibson are managing to supply. No point in complaining to Gibson and tell them what they allready know and the truth is they just don't care. I wanted a Gibson LP for about 10 years believing they were the best thing since sliced...
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    Another Example Of Gibson Lack of QC!

    Gibson do not want quality specialists they just want people who will say the guitars are ok and send them out. It's obvious that Gibson couldn't give a **** about the quality of there guitars, if they did there wouldn't be so many bad ones about.
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    NGD! I'm not home to enjoy

    The QC people at Gibson are only there as window dressing, they don't have the power to send any guitars back to the line to be fixed.( at least not if they want to keep there job) The guidelines that they follow for QC must be that if a guitar has 6 strings on it and it's shinny it passes. This...
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    Another Example Of Gibson Lack of QC!

    I here what your saying man, i think my Trad has got more faults than yours but it sounds fantastic. Sound quality 10/10 build quality 4/10. I really can't understand why Gibson has allowed the quality of there guitars to drop so low. The Gibson name alone is the reason there guitars sell so...
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    Another Example Of Gibson Lack of QC!

    I take it you are going to send it back for a full refund?
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    Another Example Of Gibson Lack of QC!

    I really can't believe you said this, so anything $599 or under we all expect to fix as soon as we get it home.:lol::lol::lol:
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    Are Gibson guitars declining in quality? Is Epiphone rising in quality as well?

    At least the tops are made from real wood unlike Gibson's latest chipboard fretboards.:lol:
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    Pulling #1 string, High E off the edge of the neck

    Hi man i feel your pain, i assume it's new so you have got to send it back. As for for what they told you that it's how the SG is made, that is true and so are a lot of LP's made that way, BADLY.
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    Ladies and Gentleman... Here it is, the all new Richlite Fretboard!!!

    It's very simple they just want to make more money.
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    Are Gibson guitars declining in quality? Is Epiphone rising in quality as well?

    I agree with you and i can't help but wonder how well these richlite guitars will hold there value when they are being sold used. I think we would all prefer wood wouldn't we?

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