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  1. hank

    FS: Gibson Brown/Pink Les Paul Case

    Gibson Les Paul Brown/Pink style case for sale only. (The CR8 shown in the cases is not included ........... ) Please PM me if interested. Additional pics are shown in the link below. (Note that the black Custom Shop case and no-name brown/pink case have been sold) 2013 Guitar Cases Photos...
  2. hank

    Two CR8's

    RUFFCUTT asked that I post a couple of pics. These are quick and dirty. The weather's been real wet of late. First is an '07 CR8 in washed cherry. Second is an '09. Don't know the color name but it reminds me of a honeyburst. Great guitars.
  3. hank

    WTB: Small Dog Brand Les Paul Case Cover

    Looking for a Les Paul case cover by Small Dog. Please PM if you have one available. Thanks, hank
  4. hank

    Spartanburg, SC ?

    Will MLP be at this show? Thanks, hank
  5. hank

    FS/FT: Vintage Fender Case - SOLD

    Letting go of my last old case. This is a really solid case from the '67-'72-ish era with the 'tail' Fender logo on the exterior. These are pretty hard to find now. Danocaster is not included. $240.00 shipped/PayPal'd in CONUS. Open to trades for LP Historic cases, Gibson LP Brown/Pink...
  6. hank

    WTB: Gibson Les Paul Standard Cases

    Looking for one Brown/Pink USA case and one Historic case in decent to great condition. May consider the current USA black cases as well. Please let me know what you have via PM. Thanks, hank
  7. hank

    To FLICKOFLASH and Mods

    I sent the following to Mr. Flick ....... but your PM box is full. Hi Flick: Regarding old, out-dated classifieds ... is it possible to have the OP delete them and/or the mods? People tend to abandon their sales and don't update them as to sold, not for sale, etc. I think is would...
  8. hank

    2009 Nash TC-63 Telecaster Custom

    Nice guitar priced right: Bill Nash TC-63 Custom Telecaster - eBay (item 260523878748 end time Dec-21-09 18:22:03 PST)
  9. hank

    FS or FT: WB-VTPH's and Tokai MKII Pickups

    Here are a couple of extra sets of humbuckers that are just laying around. First is a set of WB's, specifically the VTPH set. Features double black, no covers w/ low wind neck and a snarly bridge. $175.00 shipped and PayPal'd in CONUS only. Second is a first-class set of...
  10. hank

    FS: 1991 Gibson Explorer '76

    1991 Gibson Explorer '76 OK, what's a 60 year old guy doing with a plank 'o wood like this? Well, not much of a story. Found it recently in a small-town music store and decided to pass it along. I always loved Johnny Winter and Eric Clapton when they strutted these things. Also, I don't...
  11. hank

    FS/FT: Minty 2005 Epiphone LP Custom

    I took this gorgeous guitar in as part of a trade. Too many LP types here so this one should go to a good home. It is virtually unplayed, MIK, with very light gold wear on the pickups. The guitar has been professionally set up and it plays as good or better than any of my Gibsons/Tokais. Not a...
  12. hank

    FS: 1981 Tokai Love Rock

    From the Golden Era of Tokai MIJ guitars is this really nice LS-50 Love Rock from 1981. Here are the particulars: All mahogany neck and body true to the '50's Gibson shape. Two piece body with three piece solid maple cap in cherry sunburst. Thin poly finish w/ 14 degree headstock and...
  13. hank

    WTB: Pickguard/Bracket for Historic Les Paul

    Need a pickguard ..... obviously. :slash: Please contact me at: [email protected] Thanks!
  14. hank

    2001 Gibson Historic '57 LP Custom RI

    Sold Pending Receipt of Payment. See it here please: 2001 Gibson Historic '57 LP Custom RI - Les Paul Forum Thanks!
  15. hank

    FS: Vintage Orville by Gibson SG and Greco Super Real LP Clone

    Reducing my MIJ's just a bit. Greco no longer for sale. See them here please: Tokai Forum - a subsidiary of :: View topic - Vintage Orville by Gibson SG and Greco Super Real LP Clone Contact me via PM or at: [email protected]
  16. hank

    FS: Tele Clone Partscaster

    SOLD I'm having a weak moment and selling off a couple of things (to fund my MIJ Les Paul obsessions). This Partscaster Relic Tele was assembled/finished by a local guitar technician in early 2007. He's built a number of stunning relic'd Fender type guitars. Here are the particulars...
  17. hank

    Video Recommendations

    I would like recommendations regarding available, for purchase, DVD/CD guitar lessons. I am a bedroom player with intermediate skills, particularly on acoustic/electric blues and bluegrass styles. I am most interested in electric blues and how to better understand it. I know this is broad...
  18. hank

    FS: 2006 MIJ Tokai Love Rock LP Special

    Selling my Tokai LSS-88 Les Paul Special type to fund an old Tokai. You won't find a nicer playing guitar at any price point. Here are the particulars: MIJ 2006 Chunky neck, slightly smaller than my '59 LP Reissue. Unbelievable condition, one very small mark on edge of bass bout. No...
  19. hank

    FS: 1976 Alvarez Yairi DY-77 Acoustic EX++

    I have a wonderful Alvarez Yairi DY-77 from 1976 available. It is in extremely good condition, excellent set up and tone, all original, herringbone purfling and wood binding, OHSC. The gold hardware is clean with no corrosion. Honestly, the guitar has not been played in a LONG time. It needs a...
  20. hank

    Tokai ES-130

    Here's one of my newest captures. Many thanks to buckwild for the opportunity to own this thing. Photos here courtesy of buckwild. The outdoor weather has been way too mean for exterior photos of late. The guitar has a light-weight tailpiece and Gibson '57 Classics installed. This...

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