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  1. MauiCliff

    2015 Gibson True/Historic Select Catalog

    So with my 2015 Historic Select came this Japanese Catalog.
  2. MauiCliff

    A Pair of Combat LP’s

    I really like these hand built guitars. From what I have found the last ones were made in approximately 2008-09 due to mounting pressure from you know who. IMO these are just fantastic and on par or better than the various Historic’s I own. If you have a Combat LP, please post… or if you have...
  3. MauiCliff

    Odd 1980 Gibson Standard 80 Elite

    Here is an odd 1980 Gibson Standard 80 Elite I just picked up... The second serial number is not in the same position of others that I own or have seen, also the case is much different as its thinner than my 1982 Standard 80 Elite case and has latches instead of the normal loop latches..... any...
  4. MauiCliff

    Prototype ?

    Interesting guitar ... not sure what to make of it.
  5. MauiCliff

    2002 Tokai LS-180 ????

    Here is a guitar I cant find in the 2002 Tokai Catalog. I have the warranty card and it was sold in 2004. 2002 Tokai LS-180 8.5 lbs 1- Piece laminate top 1- Piece back Ebony fret board Fret end bindings (Nibs) Unknown pickups but seller said they were Seymour Duncan 59's Nitro finish, see...
  6. MauiCliff

    1980 Tokai LS-200

    Nice and rare OLD TOKAI LS-200 80
  7. MauiCliff

    Is This ......YOU ??

    Is This YOU ???? :wow:
  8. MauiCliff

    NGD: 1991 Burny Solid Flame Top w/ VH1's

    NGD: I suspect this is a Order Made Guitar? Pictures taken outside in the Maui sunset: Ok... I'm off to bed....have fun... catch up with ya in 12 hours OBTW: Yes it Rocks :jam: Here is a link 1991 Burny Custom Order Solid Top With VH-1 Photos by cliffjordan1 | Photobucket...
  9. MauiCliff

    Greco "ORDER MADE" Guitars

    Aloha from Maui Thought...............I would start a thread ...............based on "Order Made" Greco guitars. This is my first "Order Made" Greco............Please share you knowledge-please share your knowledge. I took a chance on a Greco Double neck..........The guitar did not have a...
  10. MauiCliff

    NGD: 1980 Greco Super Real SGW-1300 Jimmy Page Double Neck

    :shock: OMG :shock: Disclaimer....The guitar is actually in route from Japan, Sellers pictures:applause: I'm a little excited about this damn there near mint 1980 Super Real :slash: 1980 GRECO SGW1300 SUPER REAL :slash: DOUBLE NECK 1980 GRECO SGW1300 SUPER REAL DOUBLE NECK Photos by...
  11. MauiCliff

    2014 Gibson Les Paul's - Only

    This thread is dedicated to the Les Paul's of 2014 ONLY. if you got em..... Fluant em
  12. MauiCliff

    Identification Please 2002

    Hi everyone, I recently purchased this 2002 Les Paul.... need help in identifying this model.. Weighs 8 lbs on digital scale
  13. MauiCliff

    Do You feel the same?

    Just enjoyed my 53rd B-Day........Do you feel like I do....:dude:
  14. MauiCliff

    1980 Tokai LS-80 Les Paul Reborn

    :naughty:1980 Tokai LS-80 Les Paul Reborn:naughty: $1599 plus shipping - All Original, No breaks, cracks or repairs. - "80" Stamped on the last fret - 2 Piece solid maple top ... some flame !! - 1 Piece Mahogany back !! - 8.5 lbs - Frets are in fantastic shape.. 70-80% - Original Gotoh...
  15. MauiCliff

    1980 Tokai LS-80 1958 neck

    1980 Tokai LS-80 $1500.00 Plus shipping or pay more at Sleaze Bay Awesome sounding guitar More photos at : 1980 Tokai LS-80 Photos by cliffjordan1 | Photobucket 9 lbs 7 ounces
  16. MauiCliff

    To Fujigen or not.

    Seems to have quite the Artist Lineup. Team FGN Focus Anyone with experience? :cool:
  17. MauiCliff

    NGD: 1982 Greco EG60-150 Super Real

    in my possession for 3 days now.... and I have not been to bed !! :naughty: Thanks to Wulfman (Harold)..... on this very rare beauty :thumb: Video 6BA1A8CA-F672-4ECE-86A5-78B068981B2D-116-00000011310E7F56_zpsfe3df80b.mp4 Video by cliffjordan1 | Photobucket link: 1982 Greco EG60-150...
  18. MauiCliff

    MIJ Sellers... A place to give thanks

    Aloha from Maui.......Thought I would start a thread on sellers and how HAPPY you are with what they offer and sell. NOTE: only for those whom have purchased here from other forum negative statements..... and no airing your dirty laundry... :naughty::naughty::naughty::naughty:
  19. MauiCliff

    1985 Burny RLG-50 Solid Maple Top

    F O R S A L E Mid 1980's Burny RLG-50 8.5 lbs :applause: TOP: Solid Maple BACK: 2 Piece Mahogany 80/20 Frets: 70-80 % Fret end bindings All Original MIJ Gigbag $100 for HSC Shipping USA Priority $105 International Express $175.00 Ok..This is a fantastic shape Burny, very comfortable...
  20. MauiCliff

    Show Us Your Birds Eye Top Guitars

    Thanks to Harold for ther idea:thumb: I'll start this one off, If you have a birds eye tops lets show them here Here is a couple of ones I own. 1980 Greco EGF-1800 1981/82 Burny RLG 150 One I just Sold 1979 Tokai LS-100

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