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    Real or Fake, I can’t tell?

    I’m about to make a deal and buy this guitar tomorrow but a few alarm bells are ringing and I’m starting to feel like this could be fake. Can any of you help me figure this out please. I own modern Les Paul Customs but this is Norlin era and I’m stuck. I’ve noticed in the pics that the serial...
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    NGD! Well it is to me:)

    Went to my local guitarguitar and noticed a pre owned gibson zakk wylde camo that looks brand new! I've always wanted one but could never afford or find one. So when I saw this I had to have it plus it was a amazing deal:) I did take a week thinking about it though and when I went for another...
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    open coil 57 Classic's

    I have a 2009 traditional les paul in Honey burst and I want to remove the pickup covers, does anyone know what colour under the cover they would be? Could they be zebra colour or am I hoping to much? many thanks

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