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  1. thornie

    WTB: Looking for a Gibson Les Paul 1958 Reissue (2013/2014)

    They say this a buyers market, well, I'm buying. :slash: I'm in the market for a nice R8. Here's what I'm looking for... COLOR: Lemon burst or a nice light Iced Tea. Absolutely NO cherry bursts. FLAME: I'm particularly interested in the subtle flame top models that came out in 2013/2014. No...
  2. thornie

    2012 MINT PRS Tremonti for your Gibson!

    Hey everyone! Up for trade is a 2012 PRS Tremonti in Blue Crab Blue in near mint condition. I purchased this guitar new from Musicians Friend back in August. The guitar is in immaculate condition, has never been gigged, and has never left my smoke free home. The guitar comes with the original...
  3. thornie

    FS: 2008 Gibson Les Paul 1958 Reissue (R8, Iced Tea)

    Also posted over at thegearpage... $2300 - 2008 Gibson Les Paul 1958 Reissue. - Finish: Iced Tea, although to me it looks more like a Bourbon Burst, but it's an Iced Tea according to Gibson. - The hardware also does not have the VOS finish. The Bridge, tailpiece, and pup covers are as shiny as...
  4. thornie

    FS/FT: 2011 PRS DGT 10 top w/ Birds Tri Color Sunburst 7.95lbs

    Not even getting a nibble over at TGP, hoping some LP folks can help out! I am selling my mint condition, never been gigged, freshly setup by Matt Brewster at 30th street guitars 2011 PRS DGT. It has been set up with .011s and comes with case and all case candy and hang tags. I am asking...
  5. thornie

    Would an R9 for a 68 Reissue be considered an even trade?

    Hey, I'm thinking about trading my excellent condition Darkburst R9 for an Ebony 68 Reissue. I don't have the COA or Lifton case for the R9 (sold the case, never had the COA). Is this an even trade? or should I ask for some cash for the difference? Honestly, if someone showed up to my door...
  6. thornie

    FS: Orange Rockerverb 50 Head (new JJ tubes)

    I am no longer gigging so I need to get rid of all of my heavy equipment, this being one of them. The amp has been recently been re-tubed with Bob's Orange RV50 JJ tube set, and has no more than 6 hours of play time on them. Also, included is the original Reverb/Channel Foot-switch. The amp is...
  7. thornie

    FS: Catalinbread Ottava Magus II - Mint

    I bought this as a spare for my main board, and I have used it for literally 10 minutes. It's brand new. $135 pp'ed and Shipped.
  8. thornie

    FS: 1998 Gibson Les Paul Jr '57 Historic Reissue w/ OHSC

    Creating a new thread for this... WHAT I AM SELLING: 1998 Gibson Les Paul Jr '57 Historic Reissue w/ OHSC - Excellent Condition - $1300 pp'ed and Shipped. - Neck is chunky like a '57. WEIGHT: 7lbs 13oz Please no trade/lowball offers, I only ship to the continental 48, & Paypal ONLY!!
  9. thornie

    '61 SG Reissue & '57 Les Paul Historic Reissue - FOR SALE

    I am posting this ad without pictures, but will add them as soon as I get home today from work. I've been putting off posting this ad for too long, and I need to get these guitars sold and into the hands of happy new owners. WHAT I AM SELLING: 2007 Gibson SG 1961 Reissue w/ OHSC - Very Good to...
  10. thornie

    Fret size on Historics?

    Hey guys, really dumb question here. I know Gibson uses their own fretwire and sizes, but what would the Dunlop equivalent be for the frets on an R9 more or less? I am ordering a custom Warmoth neck for a project and would like the neck to be as identical to my R9 as possible. Any ideas? I'm...
  11. thornie

    Best Strat for the Les Paul player

    I can't think of a better place to ask this question, so here goes... I'm a Les Paul player through and through. I love my R9 and my RI Junior immensely and would never part with them as my primary instruments. But... I have a confession to make... *whispers* All of my favorite recorded...
  12. thornie

    FS: SONY PSP and a bunch of games

    Hey guys, I am selling my Sony PSP portable game system, with a bunch of games and accessories. $165 PP'ed and Shipped System: Black PSP 3000 - like new Games: Jeanne D'Arc, Final Fantasy Tactics, God of War, MVP Baseball 04, Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core, Ultimate Ghosts n Goblins...
  13. thornie

    FS: Used Boss Pedal Fire Sale - Pics

    Hey all, Posted this over at TGP, figure I'd post here as well... I'm unloading some BOSS pedals that I haven't used in years, and at some really good prices. These pedals are used and pretty beat up, but these like all BOSS pedals are built like a tank and still work great. I don't have the...
  14. thornie

    FS: Gibson Brown Lifton Case (reissue) - $250

    Hey everyone, I need to get rid of this lifton case that came with my 2006 R9. I don't ever use it, and I know a lot of people find these cases desirable as Gibson has stopped making them. Any way, it's from a 2006 R9 that I purchased from Mark's Guitar loft, and it's in excellent...
  15. thornie

    WTB: Gibson Les Paul Junior singlecut

    OK. I think I'm going to put my search for a Burny on the back burner for now and go the P-90 route and get a Junior. I've been shuffling my gear around a lot over the last few months or so, and I've finally settled on getting a Junior. What I'm looking for: - A singlecut junior in...
  16. thornie

    WTB: Burny Les Paul Custom - Anyone?

    Help satisfy my MIJ GAS, and get some $$ in your pocket... Sell me your Burny Les Paul Custom. I'm looking for a Burny in EBONY, preferably early 80s w/ the original split diamond headstock inlay. eBay is full of Randy Rhoads vintage white Burny's which look awesome, but I'm looking for...
  17. thornie

    The Hourglass (Duane & Greg Allman)

    I've been on a huge Steve Cropper/Curtis Mayfield kick lately, and I've been listening to as much old school R&B as I possibly can. So I finally checked out Duane & Greg's old band "The Hourglass"... WOW! I was missing out all these years, I love it. I bought the self-titled and "Power of...
  18. thornie

    FS: Gibson Brown Lifton Case (reissue)

    Hey all, I just received my beautiful new to me R9 from Mark's Guitar loft, and I'm looking to sell the lifton case it came with. I'm not a collector, and I'm not too crazy about the case so I'm offering it up for sale. It's in overall very good condition. The outside has a scuff here...
  19. thornie

    Darkback R9s

    Hey guys, I am currently in the market for my first Historic and have decided to go for an R9. I have a few in my sights that I think look great, and I've narrowed it down to a three in particular. All three are VOS Faded Tobacco finishes, but one stands out as having a "dark back". I've...

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