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  1. motowntom

    Cringeworthy Performances

    Fuck me, just.... I don't know what to say... woa.... Cheers
  2. motowntom

    Anne Heche

    Nuke em all..... Cheers
  3. motowntom

    Neck-through LP, now it’s a scratch build

    Fuck Me!!!!! Wicked man..... Cheers
  4. motowntom


    Nice guitar, but fuck PlazaCorp... Cheers
  5. motowntom

    12 String Bass Build

    Dude, you the man! Just out of curiosity do you sell the basses you build? Could I buy one? Cheers
  6. motowntom

    The fishing thread

  7. motowntom

    The fishing thread

  8. motowntom

    Choosing Leaves For Toilet Paper...

    Dude, you should run for President...... Cheers
  9. motowntom

    Overused terms related to guitars?

    Case Queen... Cheers
  10. motowntom

    NGD: 2011 Crews KTR LS-01

    What's a pick guard? Cheers
  11. motowntom

    Does MSRP even matter anymore or is it just there to piss me off?

    And $2.00 Gal. gas.... Cheers
  12. motowntom

    I guess I got banned from The Gear Page yesterday

    I got banned for a week for saying the sport cricket was gay... Cheers
  13. motowntom

    Checking on Finish for MIJ's

    Dude tell me more about your band.... is that your video? I love it!!! Cheers
  14. motowntom

    The Rock & Roll Pictures Thread

    This is a GREAT thread!!!!! Cheers
  15. motowntom

    I need your wisdom

    OP, how much are you selling them for? ....... One post. Cheers
  16. motowntom

    I’ll sell you a bridge in Montana and a house boat, cheap.

    California is drooling..... Cheers
  17. motowntom

    PGA Tour vs LIV Golf?

    I believe it will be gone in three years.... Cheers
  18. motowntom

    I believe I'm done with law enforcement.

    Thank you for your service, and the best of luck moving forward. Cheers

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