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  1. firesgt911

    I built a pedalboard yesterday.

    I am a tinkerer. I probably spend more time putting around my garage than watching tv. Anyways, I found part of a pallet in a corner of my garage. I had several that I used for various projects and this was the last of them. It just looked like it was about the right size and most of the work...
  2. firesgt911

    Neck Surgery

    I had neck surgery on the 19th, and now...I feel pretty damn good. They removed the disc and added a titanium joint with a polymer ball thing, so I have a little more mobility. I was walking around a few hours after they cut on me. Now I have to take it easy for a few weeks, and it's back to...
  3. firesgt911

    Neck problem

    Fortunately, all of my guitars are fine. Unfortunately, I have a herniated disc and arthritis in my neck. This has been going on for about a week and is friggin wrecking me! My neck doesn't hurt that much. It's a little stiff, but my shoulder feels like it has a knife twisting in it and I have...
  4. firesgt911

    I got a firebird.

    Holy crap, I'm excited. I've always lusted after firebirds and never even played one. I recently decided to take the plunge as they are pretty cheap right now. I was a little worried that it would feel weird on the strap, because of all the reading I've done. This sucker fits me extremely well...
  5. firesgt911

    Going to Chicago next week.

    I will be in Chicago next week for business. Sadly, I won't have a lot of time for sight seeing, and I've been there a few times and already done the touristy stuff. My question is, where should I go for dinner? What are the must order Chicago specialties? I will be staying in Oak Brook...
  6. firesgt911


    New Coily Cable Day! I posted a while back about Bullet cables coming back from a long hiatus. I finally found one in the color I wanted. Sea foam green! Sound wise, it does not disappoint. It sounds every bit as good as my original bullet cable(the dirty white one). It has the same heft...
  7. firesgt911

    NAD Ceriatone

    I ordered this Ceriatone 2204 a couple months ago. I couldn't be happier! First, yes, I ordered the combo. I know this isn't the more popular setup, but I am a 1x12 combo kind of guy. I have no regrets here! I put the Warehouse Speakers et65 in it and it screams! The punchiness of it really...
  8. firesgt911

    New Blade Day!

    Who doesn't like a new pocket knife??? Got this little sucker in the mail today. Not my first auto, but first OTF.
  9. firesgt911

    My pets...

    ...are always up to no good. Through the course of the night, one of the cats felt like opening my medicine cabinet and batting its contents through my house. I'm assuming through the spirit of sharing, they decided to give my inhaler to my dog. Now my dog is spending the night at the vet...
  10. firesgt911

    I jumped on the bandwagon. NAD

    I picked up an Orange Micro Terror today in trade. I traded a delay I wasn't using anymore for it. I have only plugged my headphones into it so far as my gear is all stored away from the flood I had a couple weeks ago. The clean sound surprised me through the headphones. It was fat and...
  11. firesgt911

    My house flooded tonight...

    Due to a toilet malfunction in my daughters bathroom, the front three bedrooms, hallway, living room and kitchen all flooded. I had a migraine so I was laying down after supper. My daughter screamed and told me to come quickly. Of course I sprint out of my room and toward her screams. When I hit...
  12. firesgt911

    Well, I've gone and done it now...

    I've spent the past few weeks reading and watching clips. This led me to throwing away some scratch toward my GAS. I ordered a Ceriatone 2204 last night! I am pretty stoked to get it in a month or so. I've always loved the sound of the JCM800. The few tweaks that the Ceriatone has made really...
  13. firesgt911

    Bullet Cables Coming Back Soon

    I just saw a FB post that led me to their page. Apparently they will be back in stock next month. I have had a Coily cable from them for six years and it is still going strong. I am glad that I will have the opportunity to get more...even if customer service may not exist in the future. LOL
  14. firesgt911

    Couple NP's on this D.

    I got bored and decided to change a few things on my board. I didn't have a phaser anymore and as I was looking at a few, I got side tracked thinking about an EQ. I found some decent prices on a lightly used Earthquacker Devices Grand Orbiter V2 and MXR 10 Band EQ, so I pulled the trigger. I...
  15. firesgt911

    Sibling prank! What a great prank! HAHAHA
  16. firesgt911

    New Tele Day!

    There was a tele appreciation type thread in the backstage that sparked my interest. I didn't have to look for long before finding a Classic Player 60's Baja Tele in faded sonic blue. This thing is gorgeous! I couldn't resist. It makes a perfect addition to my man cave! Since...
  17. firesgt911

    Dallas Comic Con

    I took my daughter to the local comic con yesterday as part of an early birthday present. She is huge into anime, comics and Star Wars. This event was an amazing experience for her. I haven't seen her that happy in forever. Everyone was friendly and courteous. I really didn't know what to...
  18. firesgt911

    My creative space.

    Finally got around to painting my music room and hanging the mounts for my guitars. Only took me a year and a half. LOL The room is a small 10x10 with a decent sized closet. Being the smallest room in the house, it got to be my other man cave. The drum kit is coming soon.
  19. firesgt911

    I bought a bike.

    Picked this up this weekend. I'm looking forward to putting some serious miles on it!
  20. firesgt911

    My Grandfathers Guitar

    I grew up watching my grandfather play guitar. It was my biggest inspiration to pick it up despite the fact that nobody else in the family had any appreciable interest in music. He always played things like Johnny Cash and Hank Sr. His old Gibson is probably why I've always gravitated to the...

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