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    V2 Caldera clip

    One of my amps is going out next weekend for a demo, but here is a short clip of that same amp, in case anyone has wondered what a V2 Amp sounds like. A customer was playing while I grabbed my phone for this clip.
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    FS - 20W V2 Caldera

    20W V2 Caldera Fully working chassis with tubes. You supply your own headshell (plans available). Single channel, modded Marshall-inspired design, with switches galore to tailor gain, tone, and attack. Comes with optional buffered effects loop. Like a simplified Friedman Smallbox with a...
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    Phaez etched plexi panels

    Two plexi panels etched with Phaez logo (the logos differ slightly). Each has protective paper on one side (causing them to look brown instead of clear). Dimensions (approx): 1. 17.25" x 4.5" 2. 15" x 5" $20 plus shipping each.
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    Feeler - Ceriatone 2203 HW, one black, one white

    I am thinking about selling a pair of factory-built Ceriatone 2203 HW amps. The amps are in good cosmetic condition (some discolouration on the white amp; a couple of bruises on the black amp) and in excellent working condition. Specs of each amp: - 100W - hand wired - half-power switch -...
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    Scored another Traynor YGL3 Mark III

    All original except for the tubes. But the replacement tubes were added decades ago. The power amp is sporting a quad of Telefunken EL34s (brown base, OO getter), and the 12AX7s include vintage GE and RCA. I'll be replacing the 2-prong power cord before playing more.
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    Traynor YBA-1 amps, modded

    Hi. So the YBA1 is a very clean amp. I added a wee bit of gain. Just enough to get a bit of crunch.
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    V2 Vibe in the wild

    Rob Lamothe posted a snippet of an upcoming song/album on IG using his V2 Vibe Main band includes Rob (Riverdogs) and Greg Chaisson (Badlands) - two of my fav bands from a few years back.. :)
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    I've been mostly absent for a long while. Here's why: My wife was diagnosed with stage 3C ovarian cancer in summer of 2017. She fought valiantly but started to have bowel obstructions in April of 2019. She was in hospitals and hospice from Sept 2019 to Mar 6, 2020, which is when she passed...
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    Two modified Traynor YBA-1 heads

    USD$800 + shipping for either amp. Add $100 for old-stock Philips tubes in place of new-stock tubes (only one set available; otherwise amp will have full complement of new tubes) Add $50 for original vinyl cover (only one available) Subtract $50 if you want the amp without tubes (use your own)...
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    V2 Amp kit, anyone?

    So I posted a Caldera PCB for sale on my FB page, basically just to entertain myself during tough times. A guy who bought one needed other stuff for the amp, and so I basically supplied everything but the output transformer. And for fun, I started to put together an assembly manual for it...
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    I heart Traynors

    Today, I picked up a YBA-1 and 2x15 cab - and vinyl covers for each.
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    Caldera PCB for DIYer - $100

    I have a Caldera PCB "kit" up for grabs. The kit will include a PCB, components for the 'stock' circuit, and installation notes. The main PCB, shown below, contains the preamp, phase inverter, coupling to the power tubes, power supply for PI and preamp, and DC elevation. It does not include tone...
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    V2 PCB

    Any DIYers out there interested in PCBs for a 3-gain-stage amp? $125 main board. three gain stages. Somewhat similar to a BE $25 tone stack board. mounts directly on the TMB pots. power supply board also available, but the design of that board depends on the power transformer to be used...
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    50W V2 Caldera

    Single-channel high-gain amp with vintage and modern modes. Like a stripped-down Friedman Smallbox, but not as polite. $1300 shipped (to Continental US) and paypaled Tube compliment: - 2 JJ EL34, fixed bias with individual bias monitoring and adjustment for each power tube. - 3 hand-selected...
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    A new Vibe

    Something wicked this way comes.... A Vibe with a killer 25W power supply. All-Canadian transformer set, aluminum chassis fabricated locally. Will be housed in a head shell covered in plum tolex. Front panel will be ventilated with shellacked salt-and-pepper grill cloth. This one is for...
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    FS - 20W V2 Caldera amp head

    Single-channel higher-gain amp with vintage and modern modes. It maintains clarity and articulation even at higher gain settings. Tube compliment: - 2 JJ 6V6S, fixed bias with individual bias monitoring and adjustment for each power tube. - 3 hand-selected 12AX7s for the preamp and phase...
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    Three V2 Caldera amps on Vancouver CL

    Hey All, I just listed three amps locally while I wait for headshells to be made. The first headshell is in the works; it'll fit the 10W Caldera. I'm not fully ready to ship, which is why I'm only providing pointers to the CL ads for the time being. Prices will be comparable to the Studio...
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    10W V2 Caldera

    Lots of interest right now in low-power amps, including the 20W Marshalls. Here is mine: Caldera preamp. Vintage and Modern modes accessible via front-panel Era switch. All tube signal path; no diode clipping. New 10W output section powered by a pair of EL34s. I've also tried it with KT77s...
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    Amp Giveaway - 20W V2 Vibe

    Thought I'd post this here as an alert - I'm going to give away the amp pictured below at the end of January. Everything will be run on my own website and announced on facebook (links below), but I'll post details here too if people are interested. Details on how to enter the amp giveaway will...
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    V2 Denogginizer

    I thought I'd provide an update on this amp. The stock amp had two modes: vintage (three gain stages) and modern (four gain stages). The stock amp also had a front-panel Punch switch that added some gain by switching in and out a cathode bypass cap (kinda like structure/S switches on other...

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