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  1. deadlyweasel

    1956 Jr back from Uncle Greg

    Bought this a few months ago in this super ugly condition. So after some deliberation it went out to Uncle Greg and we got "The Bastard" into shape. Kinda inspired by Charlie Starr
  2. deadlyweasel

    What did i just buy? Possible 50s jr?

    Title says it all... Dang ebaying got me again. Something about this stood out to me as being a possible 50s jr modded to hell and refinished. So I'll let y'all spoil it for me:rofl: Here are crappy pawnshop eBay screen shots.
  3. deadlyweasel

    60 something Jr incoming

    Ahhhhh, the old late night ebaying... Anyway ended up winning this one and now it's on it's way. Needs a bunch of work but pretty sure it'll be a banger once I'm done. Not sure what the neck pickup is or what exact year it is. My uess is 64 or 65 Dudes pics were pretty weak, I'll get some...
  4. deadlyweasel

    Looking for a goldtop reissue

    Who's got a kicked around R6 R7 or R4 goldtop going cheap? Repairs, no coa, no original case, husk, grovered, buckered, anything.... Hit me up, lets make a deal.
  5. deadlyweasel

    14' Wildwood Featherweight Pelham Blue R4. SOLD!!!

    Im spending all my time playing my R7 and R8 so this one is going up. It's a spectacular guitar, plays and sounds great, the WW spec low wind A3 P90s abd the ultra lightweight body get it almost into the telecaster range when it's clean. Dirty, it just has a nice early RnR sleazy sound. 7lbs...
  6. deadlyweasel

    Wtb beater vintage Jr/special project.

    As winter rolls in here i am again looking for a project. Sell me your old wood project or refin beater! Prefer double cut Jr's and single cut specials.
  7. deadlyweasel

    Fs feeler. 56' Jr

    Thinking about letting go of my 56' Jr. This was refinished by Josh at protocaster guitars in brooklyn. There is a mix of vintage and repop parts on it. Original pots, original pup, vintage black beauty cap, original TRC and control cover. Original tuners and guard included but not mounted...
  8. deadlyweasel

    Wtb/trade for 14' 63 reissue 335

    Who's got one?
  9. deadlyweasel

    Wtb/trade for 14' 59' dot 335 with wrap bridge

    Says it all. Would prefer a bourbon or tobacco finish. Pm if you have one for sale or trade or if you have a lead towards one thanks!
  10. deadlyweasel

    2007 Gibson Les Paul studio white ebony board

    Up for sale is an 07 ebony board studio, rock solid player that has been higher and toured vigorously. No breaks or repairs. Duncan Saturday night special bridge pup, 490 neck pup. Tonepros locking abr1 bridge and tail piece, Philly luthier abr1 conversion studs. AOT cts 500k pots, grovers...
  11. deadlyweasel

    Rivera RockCrusher

    Killer attenuator. Just upgraded to a fryette ps2 so no need for this one. 400$ ill cover shipping and PP conus only please.
  12. deadlyweasel

    Satellite Atom

    Killer, no frills Rock n roll ass kicking machine! 36 watts class A 4 el84 2 12ax7 and solid-state/tube rectifier. I bought this a few months ago to replace my satellite neutron. This was modded by Adam,at Satellite for a master volume before it came to me. I picked up a second Atom and I prefer...
  13. deadlyweasel

    Wtb Gibson Goldtop

    Ok I'm looking for an early 90s goldtop either a classic or a standard, or a historic goldtop preferably an R7.
  14. deadlyweasel

    Yet another Studio project!

    Seems like these things always show up in batches. Two weeks ago a friend needed to offload a white 07 studio with an ebony board, it was ugly as sin with stickers all over... So I just slammed on some gold hardware and cleaned it up. Yesterday, another friend needed to unload another white...
  15. deadlyweasel

    67' Jr

    Ok guys, so i have a 67' jr that I put together from a husk. I was in talks with a very nice gentleman about a trade towards another vintage guitar but we were very far apart on the deal as far as values. So im hoping I can throw up some pics and info to see if I was just totally off on my...
  16. deadlyweasel

    Humbucker in a dogear.

    So after purchasing a few p90 laden guitars I've decided to bucker one of my juniors. Inspired by and under some direction from the man himself @[email protected] I've decided to do a bucker in a dogear. First step select a pickup. I chose a heavily aged Jalen PAF with a nickle cover. Second...
  17. deadlyweasel

    FS Satellite Old Pal

    Selling my satellite Old Pal, I'm downsizing my board and this takes up too much real estate for me. I just got it a couple months ago when I was setting up to expand my board but as it happens we decided to move to more limited boards. I've only used it a handful of times. No Velcro or anything...
  18. deadlyweasel

    Cool story.

    So my best friends dad was a huge Jethro Tull fan back in the day, he heard they were coming to town he broke out his tools.... He was a seriously talented leatherworker. He made Martin Barre a custom strap and delivered it to him the day of the show. Low and behold Martin used the strap that...
  19. deadlyweasel

    Wtb Billie Joe Armstrong leopard LP Jr case only

    Title says it all, looking for a BJA jr hard case. Pm if you have one available. Thanks!
  20. deadlyweasel

    FS 2014 HoG R9

    Ok here we go. Up for grabs now is a sweet playing 14' R9. Has a classic 59 profile neck, weighs about 8.7 pounds with a great character flamey top. This was purchased new from HoG in 2015. One owner never gigged, probably only left the house 4 or 5 times. Has all hang tags and case candy...

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