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  1. Mash

    any baseball fans?

    If you're a fan of the ONLY American past-time speak up!
  2. Mash

    Handsome Devil vs. AD100VT-XL

    which do you prefer?
  3. Mash

    Gear talk!

    You guys should go check it out! Music Gear Forum - I hope this isn't spam Flick!
  4. Mash

    Les Paul Traditional

    Alright, I want to hear everyone's opinion on the new Traditionals. I, for one, LOVE them. The weight feels great and I love the Plek'd frets and the Desert Burst finish
  5. Mash

    Hello from sunny South Florida

    Hey whats up guys? My names Nick but all of my friends call me Mash(see username). I'm from South Florida and I've lived there all 14 years of my life. I don't own a Les Paul yet :( but I'm getting a job at Publix for money. My hero is Slash :slash: go figure... I'm looking forward to...

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