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  1. ledlover01

    Dont like doing this but...

    does anyone have studs not in metric for my melody makers wraparound tailpeice. just the studs that screw in.Thanks pm me and we can work something out! Thanks!
  2. ledlover01

    Pics of my kit Replica!!!

    50s CTS 10% Tolerance 50s top carve best i could do Marc Ford Tombucker Pickups 7k in neck,7.5 in bridge Real Bumblee Bee Caps Grover 18:1 Ratio Tuners MOP Inlays Un-burst color Stained Dimarzio rings Tonepros bridge and tailpeice switchcraft switch Shes about 8...
  3. ledlover01

    Merry Christmas and some WOOD!

    Got wood,one peice honduran mahogany and a maple top. And i finally got a CAMERA!
  4. ledlover01

    SWEET Melody Maker Trade Feeler!

    Got a 61 in sunburst, frets are good, orginal pickup, modern pots put in,and bridge changed in the 80s to a badass bridge. Headstock break in 89 and you can hardly see it. More pics to come i havent had a camera in the longest time. Thanks...
  5. ledlover01

    Es 295 gas!!!

    Hey guys i played a 53 goldtop last weekend and i loved it.I never played anything that sounded like it.It was very uncombfy though!:laugh2: So i was wondering if guys have any pics of some of the vintage ones or if some people own some?
  6. ledlover01

    52 goldtop build help???

    Hey guys after playing a 52 conversion owned by my local luthier today i decided i want to build one.The trapeze tailpeice and all.Now i understand that they have a shallower neck angle, so would i be able to follow say the catto plans and put a trapeze bridge on it and it work out fine?Another...
  7. ledlover01

    FOUND MY TONE!!! Tombuckers!!!

    I got tombuckers for my build a few months ago.I just was playing my build against my custom and i was blown away at how dark the Classic 57s were.No air to it.Anyway great job Tom.Thanks!!! Ps My camera wont upload the last 120 pictures on my camera. So ill post pics as soon as i can of my...
  8. ledlover01

    dying les paul classic green inlays?

    How can you get rid of that color?Sun,bleach,etc.Thanks!:cool:
  9. ledlover01

    Anybody have some inlays for sale?

    Anybody have some Zamm,Buzzy or HM inlays they arent using and would love to sell to me?Got a classic coming with oxide piss green inlays i would love to change.thanks guys!:thumb:
  10. ledlover01

    Is this real?

    Thanks guys the serial number looks good,its a 1999 supposdly.
  11. ledlover01

    Looking for a les paul under 1500

    Les paul under 1500 in any condition and please offer any model.Thanks!:thumb:
  12. ledlover01

    This guy again....... Sporting some "burstbusters" and these are "inexpensive guitars".I love this guy!
  13. ledlover01

    Wiring Blues....

    Im so fustrated right now.I rewired the guitar and it wont work.I can only get a signal from the bridge pickup.When i switch to the middle nothing...When i switch to neck nothing....So its not the pickups right cause the bridge would work in the middle.Could someone please help me.Im so...
  14. ledlover01

    Edwards Plain Maple

    Do edwards have a veneer?If they do,would a plain maple one have one?Is there a model that is in or was in production.Thanks alot guys
  15. ledlover01

    Serial Number Help?

    How would i go about putting a serial number on my build.I dont want numbers and im aware of the accurate 59 serial press for sale.But i want to put my name on like "J Flanagan".Something like that,has anyone tryed something like this before.Thanks for the help guys!
  16. ledlover01

    Pickup Help?

    Theres not alot of winding info online and i was wondering if anyone here can give me some information on places to buy supplies,winding speed,tension,how you get the spool to spin freely,etc.Thanks alot guys!:thumb:
  17. ledlover01

    Good P90?

    The gibson p90 i got in my Junior is very dry sounding and im also going to be putting in a wiring kit(ill be in contact jonesy).What is a good p90, i talked to Greg about it and he gave me some good guys to check out.How much do real vintage90s run for? I dont want to sound ignorant but is a...
  18. ledlover01

    Just got back from a show!

    Brought my Junior and it seizes to surprise and amaze me,i usually play my custom but the junior sounds so great and really blow me away when i play it! Ill try to get some pics from my buddy,either way it was a great show and everything went well! It is really cool to play in front of...
  19. ledlover01

    Sell me your pickup rings!

    Anyone got some pickup rings for sale,I would take dimarzios in white,vintage clones,fat boys,and nice colored historics.Please PM and let me know.Thanks guys!:thumb:
  20. ledlover01

    Sanding a pickguard???

    My Melody Maker had some scratches on the guard so i hit it with 600 grit.Then i went to 2000.It didnt become shiny but cloudy.The scratches are gone but it does not look right.Iis there a rubbbing compound i need.Would toothpaste work,if theres a household item that would work that would be...

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