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  1. LJGriggs

    What's your favourite valve/tube gigging combo

    If you are looking for an economical amp that covers the range of tones from "vintage blues" to country "chicken pickin'", you might want to check out the Peavey Delta Blues. It's the same basic amp as the Peavey Classic 30, but the 15" speaker gives it a little extra bottom. (These days I gig...
  2. LJGriggs

    Convert 100W head to combo?

    I installed my Marshall JMP #1986 (50 watt Bass) head in a "Marshall style" 1x12 combo cabinet (Mojotone) with a Celestion "G12M-65 Creamback". It works great (especially for those club gigs where stage footprint is limited). Its fairly heavy in this configuration, but not so much that it...
  3. LJGriggs

    Newb question...what's with stringing over the stop bar?

    I "top wrap" my strings because Duane Allman had his guitars strung that way.
  4. LJGriggs

    Germino JTM45 or another brand??

    I can't comment on other "Marshall Plexi" builders, but Greg Germino puts out great amps. I have a Germino "Masonette" (25 watt no master volume) that I installed into a 1x12 combo cab and it is perfect for small to medium size venues. At 25 watts (actually has an 18 watt output transformer)...
  5. LJGriggs

    Do strings last longer if used exclusively to play slide?

    I have one LP that I use exclusively for slide (open E) and a couple of LP's that are tuned standard. I change the strings on my standard tuned guitars twice as often as the strings on my LP used for slide. All of my LP's have Ernie Ball .08 gauge super slinky strings. All of the guitars get...
  6. LJGriggs

    Bass amps that are great for guitar... GO!

    I have an old Marshall JMP model #1986 50 watt Bass Head that I use for large venues and outdoor events. (This is the same Marshall model# Duane Allman used). These units are a little difficult to find, and typically aren't cheap, but they are great guitar amps once you figure out how to "EQ"...
  7. LJGriggs

    Graph Tech TUSQ Saddles on my LP - Nice!

    I have them on 2 of my Les Pauls. They make it so much easier to bend the strings and you'll never break a string due to a "burr on the saddle".
  8. LJGriggs

    Top wrap no bridge?

    When I was in high school back in the early 1970's, I had a '55 Les Paul with the wrap-tail stopbar/bridge. The guitar had really great sounding P-90s and played very well, but intonation was an issue. Not so much an issue with getting the guitar in tune or keeping it in tune, but it required...
  9. LJGriggs

    help me find my first tube amp!

    The Peavey Classic 30 is a great "starter" amp. You can get a good used one fairly cheap. They are generally reliable amps that will work for bedroom volume or out for a gig. 30 watts of tube power with a 12" speaker is plenty loud.
  10. LJGriggs

    plexi's made today using *exact* same component set as the originals?

    I don't know about the "exact" components used in the original plexi amps, but I recommend looking at Germino Amplification. I have the Germino Masonette (25 watt version of a "plexi") which is no longer offered, but Greg has several models available to choose from. They are all hand wired and...
  11. LJGriggs

    Mute switch

    I play in an Allman Brothers tribute band and use two LP's for gigging (one in standard tuning and one in open-E for slide). I plug straight into my amp (Germino Masonette 25 watt) with no pedals. I use the "Planet Waves" guitar cable with the breaker switch to eliminate popping when I change...
  12. LJGriggs

    2004 Gibson Les Paul Standard HCSB

    PM sent.
  13. LJGriggs

    Is 4 ohms or 16 ohms "better"?

    Last night I rewired my "Tone Tubby" 2x12 for 4ohms and changed the amp selector to 4 ohms as well. It may be my imagination, but it does sound better to me. The overall sound seems to be more "precise". The tone and response is tighter. It also appears to have cleaned up some of the "mush"...
  14. LJGriggs

    The guitarist(s) that changed your life and playing?

    Howard Duane Allman... Once I heard him play slide guitar my life was never the same. I have been chasing his tone and technique for the past 45 years.
  15. LJGriggs

    Is 4 ohms or 16 ohms "better"?

    As sometimes happens, as soon as I posted my question I came across this post: I guess I'll just experiment and see what I like best. Thanks for the responses!!!
  16. LJGriggs

    Is 4 ohms or 16 ohms "better"?

    I just received a new/used 2x12 cabinet with two 8 ohm speakers. My amp is switch selectable for 16, 8, and 4 ohms. Is it better to wire the two speakers in series for 16 ohms, or should I wire the speakers in parallel for 4 ohms. I did a search and found lots of info on how to wire...
  17. LJGriggs

    2005 Les Paul Deluxe

    Yes, that is a 2005 Anniversary Deluxe model. I have one that I bought back in 2007, but mine has the mini-buckers swapped out for P-90s. I also have gold reflector knobs and "thumb-cutters" on mine.
  18. LJGriggs

    Who's your favourite artist? And did you ignore them and try to find your own sound?

    My favorite artist is the late Duane Allman. I have been chasing his tone, style, etc. for as long as I have been playing. I always end up sounding like me, though.
  19. LJGriggs

    contemplating changing minis to p90s on my deluxe . any advice?

    I have a Goldtop Deluxe (2005 anniversary model) that has Lindy Fralin P-90s in place of the Mini-Humbuckers. They fit perfectly in the routes. You will need the mounting brackets to secure the P-90s.
  20. LJGriggs

    Baffled, I saw the light...

    I've been thinking about getting some sort of baffle for playing live so that I can drive my power tubes to saturation. Seems like a viable alternative to using an attenuator. Any thoughts on the best location for positioning the mic for the soundman? It seems logical that it would be placed...

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