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  1. dougk

    Scero Laulita '59 #1 BUILD

    To be clear, I said feels familiar. I didn't say it was a copy or accuse anyone of it. It has some similar aesthetics I made to my Starliner design to feel a bit familiar but I know how hard it can be to thread the single cut originality needle.
  2. dougk

    How many guitars could you build in a year?

    When I was working solo I was doing 50-60 a year (before kids), with 2 full time guys and 2 part time guys were at about 85-100 not including Titan. Titan we could do a couple hundred a year easily if we had the sales.
  3. dougk


    That's fantastic! Love the design. I have a couple mango builds going right now too, it's new to me but it looks stunning. Can't wait to see these with finish on them
  4. dougk

    Scero Laulita '59 #1 BUILD

    Feels familiar
  5. dougk

    New build. Single cut design.

    I made it for Sully ;)
  6. dougk

    Kauer / Rhoney Guitars Open House (6/13 Sacramento)

    Crap too bad we'll miss you!
  7. dougk

    Kauer / Rhoney Guitars Open House (6/13 Sacramento)

    Hi OSG! Hey its that time of year again, our open house is JUNE 13th!. For those of you who haven't been, this is our annual open house. While it is at my shop, it's not a Kauer / Rhoney customer only event, everyone is welcome. Last year we had 200+ people, great music, food and beer all...
  8. dougk

    Fusion of Les Paul and Jazzmaster?

    Yep. I do that :D
  9. dougk

    Rival Sons

    Jordan is an unbelievably great song. Maybe their best song ever.
  10. dougk

    Operation: Pelham V (Flying V log)

    Just a heads up, to get that super green, it's better to start with an actual green. I had to go thru this for a customer and honestly, starting from pelham it's extremely hard to get that extreme a green with a blue base.
  11. dougk

    Been working on a Video

    Sort of. It's actually 5 pieces. The neck section is 2 pieces of quartersawn (same board, split up the center and one of the pieces flipped then glued back up) with a scarfed on headstock. The wings are 2 separate pieces that we pick that are intentionally heavier than the rest. We glue it all...
  12. dougk

    Been working on a Video

    I might have to do that sometime :laugh2::laugh2::laugh2:
  13. dougk

    Been working on a Video

    That's great Frank! Honestly, I'm jealous too. I'm very good in AutoCAD and anything 2d but have absolutely no skills to learn 3d. I feel like my Dad did when I pushed him out of the way on the CNC 15 years ago and took over. Just to old I guess :laugh2::laugh2:
  14. dougk

    Been working on a Video

    Ofcourse! Happy to introduce the Sons to everyone! The first track (Electric Man) is recorded with a Kauer Banshee. The other two tracks we're recorded before we started working with them. Most if not all of the newest album has a Kauer on it somewhere. :D Thanks! I really wanted to show...
  15. dougk

    My offset LP concept

    I like your new version more. Or if you have staggered tuners slightly it'd flow with the body well I think. Like I said, I'm sure there are 50 builders who have almost identical to mine as well. I know there's a Jack Briggs version out there. It's a pretty generic shape I thought up because...
  16. dougk

    Luthier North of NYC?

    Call Doug Myer at Welcome to Mountain Cat Guitars . He's in Suffern now but lived in NYC (worked at Chelsea and 30th street FOREVER) and knows everyone. He will have some great recommendations.
  17. dougk

    Been working on a Video

    Just rattle can primer (It's plastikote maybe? I don't know I just buy it around the corner at the autoparts store). Anything works but primer is best because it dries fast and doesn't load up sand paper. (since it's meant to be sanded) Technically they weren't mine either.. I was passed out...
  18. dougk

    Been working on a Video

    Peter they are drilled at 90* to the headstock face. The table on the drill press is angled to match up the angles correctly. :D
  19. dougk

    Been working on a Video

    LOL...ugh freaking youtube merged my personal and kauerguitars accounts.
  20. dougk

    My version of a single cut...

    Looking great brother! I like the new headstock but I think I like your original one more for this model.

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