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  1. J-Man123

    eBay / Craigslist

    What's the most awsome thing you've ever bought on the bay / craigslist? (Can be music related or not) :photos: J-Man123:slash:
  2. J-Man123


    Geez, haven't been on here in awhile.... So, what's new? :cool: J-Man123:slash:
  3. J-Man123

    How many guitars do you have?

    Post numbers, pictures, videos, of you're collection. Let's see who has the biggest collection. My grand total is 3 :D :thumb: J-Man123:slash:
  4. J-Man123

    If you didn't realize it...

    Getting a thanks feels pretty special, right?:cool: Well, if you see someone thanking a bunch of threads they are probably doing it to get an extra post. So if you think your content is not "thank button worthy", then they are probably thanking you to add a post to there post count. When new...
  5. J-Man123

    I'm dissapointed in you guys...

    ...I look in the new post catagory try to find a failing thread to post this.... But, all I find is threads about guitars...:rolleyes: ...I can't believe you people....
  6. J-Man123

    When you write lol.... you really laugh out loud? :hmm: I doubt it. Same thing with ROFL, LMFAO, and even better, ROFLMFAO....:hmm::D
  7. J-Man123

    GhostRiding The Whip :laugh2::laugh2::laugh2:
  8. J-Man123

    Guitar Naming Contest

    Who can come up with the most badass name for this guitar?:naughty: Winner gets a cookie :dude: EDIT: I like this guitar better...:laugh2: J-Man123:slash:
  9. J-Man123

    What are you going to do when 2012 comes?

    Is anybody thinking of doing something crazy December 20th, 2012? I in no way believe in it, but I think the "higher authorities" might cut some slack to what people do considering they realize people believe in it. With that said, I might decide to streak, or maybe flip off a cop...hmmm...:hmm...
  10. J-Man123

    **The MLP's Best of Da Best***

    Post the funniest, craziest, most memorable threads ever to appear in MLP's history...:cool: J-Man123:slash: BTW, congrats DelawareGold. :applause:
  11. J-Man123


    Why are they so damn loud? Seriously... Every band I've been in has had a louder drummer than the last. Why is this the case? We have had enough rock bands from the sixties grow old with hearing problems to realize the damage from playing drums loudly. I don't have a problem turning down my amp...
  12. J-Man123

    Youtube Captions... such a fail :laugh2: Check out a youtube video and turn on Googles Beta Captions, its hilarious
  13. J-Man123

    Unique Instruments

    Anyone ever seen this guy. I think he deserves his own show... YouTube - 4hole Apple Ocarina-London Brid?e is Falling Down- YouTube - Apple Ocarina-Mary Had a Little Lamb- YouTube - Carrot Ocarina - The Legend of Zelda: Song of Time J-Man123:slash: If you can't...
  14. J-Man123

    I said a hip hop hippie

    Man I'm not even from the '80's, but after hearing this on Everybody Hates Chris I'm hooked on this shit. The bass line is sooo damn sexy!!! :applause: YouTube - The Sugarhill Gang - Rapper's Delight Anybody Agree? J-Man123:slash:
  15. J-Man123


    I would just like to say thanks to the creator of this forum *Alex* and all the helpful (I said helpful Axe, that does not include you) members that have helped me throughout my 11 months here. Along the way I learned some guitar stuff, picked up some new vocabulary (:laugh2: Good times...)...
  16. J-Man123

    Your Dream Guitar + A Bonus Question

    Post the specs of your dream guitar here: Style: Body Wood: Top Wood: Neck Wood: Fingerboard Wood: Fret Inlays: Tuners: Bridge: Tremelo (If Any): Pickups: Please tell me if I missed anything. It's not supposed to be too specific. Also a question....What do you think the...
  17. J-Man123

    eBay Treasure

    Post good deals, weird finds, and just anything interesting that popped up on ebay. :thumb: J-Man123:slash: On a side not what do you think of this: ebay Link
  18. J-Man123

    I've Reached 2,000 Posts

    Boy, do I need to get out more...
  19. J-Man123


    Whose your favorite comic genious? For me its probably Dane Cook... YouTube - Dane Cook-Crying YouTube - Dane Cook - "Breaking and Entering"
  20. J-Man123


    How you guys been doin'? :naughty:

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