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  1. babatube

    Marshall Major '69 - The Best Amp I Have Ever Played Through

    these amps are monsters!
  2. babatube

    twin reverb: '68 silver face re-issue or '65 black face re-issue

    i'd go with th 68. it has great speakers in it. the celestion V type which are miles better than the Jensen reissues.
  3. babatube

    Mastering- The Horror

    i truly hope so.
  4. babatube

    Soul Tramp Wraith demo by Mike Hermans

    that sounded fantastic:applause: this amp defiantly got some serious soul in it
  5. babatube

    Computer crashed OUch

    a MAC ? Crashed? this is unheard of! oops did i start a flame war just now?
  6. babatube

    Mastering- The Horror

    loudness war is over? new mastering proves not. the latest albums i hear sound like they are high passed in 50 Hz. they try to squish more "level". no wonder new albums sound like **** on big speakers. here some "nice" examples:
  7. babatube

    Sperzel tuners - R9

    blasphemy!!!! throw him to the pit!
  8. babatube

    MS Finalizes Windows 10 this week..

    i'm pretty sure it will be a great OS. it continues the microsoft tradition: 95 - **** 98 - very good ME - total crap XP - great VISTA - utter **** 7 - the best OS out there 8 - load of wanna be touch thingy bull **** and maggot crap 10 - probably will be the best ever personally i...
  9. babatube

    1983 50 watt JCM 800 or new silver Jubilee?

    each OT has different frequency response. if the low response is a bit on the short side than the original response for the specific circuit the amp will sound fizzy. why ? because it will have the same high response but without the low response needed for the full sound. as for lead free...
  10. babatube

    1983 50 watt JCM 800 or new silver Jubilee?

    i contribute it more to the inferior transformers. i doubt lead free solder will effect the sound in a noticeable level. ENGL amps are pure PCB and are reliable tone monsters. the more i do DIY electronics i tend to find the whole components/solder type myths to be untrue. i think a good...
  11. babatube

    1983 50 watt JCM 800 or new silver Jubilee?

    in the video the reissue sounds more fizzy with less balls. i found the same thing with the jcm800 reissue they sound fizzy. they just don't growl like the old ones. might be tubes but i guess this is more related to a cheaper OT. i took no chances and built meself a 2204 replica and it sure...
  12. babatube

    1983 50 watt JCM 800 or new silver Jubilee?

    the jubilee can do one thing damn good. so if you are into high gain and use no pedals the jubille is for you. if you use pedals the JCM800 is much more versatile. also when you crank it to 11, it can make high gain sound that will peel the paint of your walls. if it was me i would take...
  13. babatube

    B.B. King's daughters say that they believe their father was poisoned

    it never cease to amaze me what people would do for a piece of paper
  14. babatube

    RIP BB King :(

    rip :sadwave: you will be missed
  15. babatube

    Voices of the past revealed inside old dolls

    that's the stuff horror movies made of
  16. babatube

    Scott Weiland at decide

    wow that is really sad :( even autotune can't fix that...
  17. babatube

    Any power amp gurus? Unorthodox setup desired.

    dude for 90$ you get a a proper active pa speaker that you can use as main speaker. then use it's line out output to daisy chain your small monitor to it. 90$!!!! that's dirt cheap. not that old but when i was young we would kill for this price for an active pa speaker...
  18. babatube

    Behringer buys tc

    oh man... very sad... luckily i already have the 2 TC pedals i need! there is nothing good about big corporation buying all the small audio companies...
  19. babatube

    Any power amp gurus? Unorthodox setup desired.

    there should be no problem hooking up another speaker. you got to check the amplifier impedance tolerance and make sure the other speaker has the same impedance as the first one. for example if both of them are 8 ohms, connected together in parallel will yield you 4 ohm. most solid state...
  20. babatube

    8" Cabinet build in pictures..

    very nice! you might wanna seal that extra hole in the baffle. it will enhance your bass response:)

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