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  1. LuthierVandross

    Yamaha TransAcoustic…?

    Hello, I’ve been looking at some acoustics lately and found the Yamaha TransAcoustic. It’s…. Different. It has an onboard chorus and reverb that isn’t supposed to use batteries? Anyone have any info on this witchery??
  2. LuthierVandross

    New project en-route! Not the Lazarus

    So I finally found a husk worthy!! It’s a Elitist Custom that I’ve been eyeballin. We reached an agreement and the shipping has commenced! I have wanted one for years and have played a few different ones when they came out at guitar stores, pawn shops and local music stores. They all were...
  3. LuthierVandross

    Ugly top Lazarus?

    Okay, I’ve “heard” there are ugly tops out there. There’s a YouTube personality that says the reason he won’t buy one is because he’s afraid there will be the ugly one shipped to him. He also cited a reverb ad of an “ugly” top. Anyone have pics of one of these ugly tops??
  4. LuthierVandross

    Matt Heafy talks about his Epiphone(s)
  5. LuthierVandross

    Help IDing a wiring harness?

    Sorry if I posted in the wrong place, but need help IDing year please. Codes are x7-44071079 on volume and 76-44071079 on the treble
  6. LuthierVandross

    Old Gibson Amp Question

    I picked up an old 70’s G-55 amp a few years back and just now getting to mess with it. it doesn’t have a grounded power chord, is this going to be an issue? I plan on plugging into a surge protector, but one can never be so careful.
  7. LuthierVandross

    Need some input on a wiring schematic

    Hello. I’m looking to run 3 Humbuckers each with thier own on/off switch and ran through a volume and tone potentiometer. Anyone have any suggestions?
  8. LuthierVandross

    It came from.... STORAGE!!!!

    Hey all. Picked up this import (unknown) awhile back. Wasn’t impressed and it sat in storage for a few years. I have a few sets of pickups I can pop in, thinking maybe an on/off switch for each pickup. If it doesn’t sound or play well, it’ll go on the wall as art.
  9. LuthierVandross

    Don’t you just hate...

    .... when you’re working or somehow in the middle of something you can’t get away from, and your #1 guitar is staring at you from across the room; taunting you like a siren seeking to sink a wayward ship.....
  10. LuthierVandross

    Pick ups questions

    Hello all. Im looking for some input on some pickups. I have a set of Burstbuckers 1/2 (8.1 neck, 8.58 bridge) in my Gibson Classic. I love this set up, wired 50’s, matched CTS pots, Switchcraft Jack and switch, gavitts wiring and a set of metal Russian PIO caps; love this guitar and the sound...
  11. LuthierVandross

    What guitarists do you feel changed the game?

    Saw an article about WVH and how he says the three people that changed guitar were Les Paul, Jimi Hendrix and his dad, EVH. Who do you all think influenced guitar as we know it in a major way?
  12. LuthierVandross


    Hey guys. I played the 50’s standard after I got this and as mush as I like this one, I don’t love it. It plays well, no issues, bought at a (Non GC) box store who set it up before I bought it. No fret sprout, chunky neck and all around great guitar. Will sell, but prefer to trade for an...
  13. LuthierVandross

    For those who polished their ‘59’s...

    I was curious if anyone felt they were close to blowing through the finish and getting to veneer? Or was there a sizable layer there? thank you!!
  14. LuthierVandross

    Questions on this Archtop

    So I picked this up for next to nothing. The headstock has a glued on, cut out logo from who knows where, no stamps in the body I can see but it’s a solid player. The previous owner sold it to me as a “replica” but also told me he knew it wasn’t a Gibson and wanted to make sure I knew it...
  15. LuthierVandross

    Since most of these are vintage Les Pauls

    decided to pull them all out (minus the 3 I’m restoring) to get a pic... From top down, left to right: 1956 Gibson ES-125, 1980’s Japanese-Fender Stratocaster hardtail. 1977 Special 55 re-issue, 1977 Les Paul Pro, 2011 Les Paul Traditional, 1970-1972 Les Paul Gold Top (mini buckers) and a 2010...
  16. LuthierVandross

    Scale length questions....

    Hey all. I have purchased a custom body that requires a 24.75” scale length neck. I found one locally that was advertised as such but after measuring to the 12th fret and multiplying by 2, it’s a 24.62” scale. So I started to research it and now I’m more confused. I matched up to a few of the...
  17. LuthierVandross

    Norlin Era resto questions

    Hello, I’ve recent acquired a 1970-1972 Les Paul (natural finish) with a few body cracks on the surface of the body. What would be the best way to fix this? Next Guitar is a 1977 (black) that’s been poorly spray painted over the natural finish. What would be the best way to remove the...
  18. LuthierVandross


    Been gassing for a goldtop. Can’t afford the 1953 I’ve been wanting or even close! Found a local substitute that I’ve been actually wanting. Heard good things about the LTD/ESP line and had to do it. Found an EC-256p in a GT.
  19. LuthierVandross

    Mahogany blanks

    Does anybody have or know where I can get a Honduras Mahogany blank for an LP Junior project?? I can’t seem to find what I am looking for. Needs to be true at 1-3/4” due to lack of proper planing equipment at my disposal. Thanks!!

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