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  1. paco1976

    1975 Les Paul Customs Where are they?

    I've got one myself. But it's not for sale ;)
  2. paco1976

    Whats the deal with PRS guitars?

    The PRS are incredibly well built, and sound incredibly well. They are not Gibsons, they sound different, so the worst thing you can do it try to compare them. The day I got my Custom 22, I traded it for a 2010 LP Standard, I thought it would sell better than the Gibson and thought I was making...
  3. paco1976

    How to prevent finish checking

    You know you got a vintage guitar when you try to avoid checking to happen...
  4. paco1976

    Are Customs more popular than Standards?

    I think generally people prefer rather the Standard model. Not sure whether it is due to the price tag between both models.
  5. paco1976

    How important are looks to you?

    I actually don't care much about the looks. The player should care of playing fine, that's it for me.
  6. paco1976

    MIJ 335's

    My 1985 YAMAHA SA2100. Ebony board, handwound boutique pickups... <a data-flickr-embed="true" href="" title="20171220_225123">
  7. paco1976

    Please tell me why BR Rosewood is so special

    It's just hype. I don't suggest to spend money on these details. But to each his own of course.
  8. paco1976

    Gibson ES-Les Paul: Will Its Value Increase Over The Decades?

    I didn't explain myself correctly. I mean people try to increase the price, in some sort trying to reproduce the LP'59 effect someday. But that was an exception, those late 50s years in Fender and GIbson. I very much doubt this should be extensive to more recent guitars, all this made in Japan...
  9. paco1976

    Gibson ES-Les Paul: Will Its Value Increase Over The Decades?

    Guitars don't raise in value any longer. It happened with the 1959 models, end of the story. For some reason musicians liked this model, I don't think it will happen again. Don't think about the value of your gear, useit and play it.
  10. paco1976

    Norlin Era, Err...Plectrum?

    £80 is one pick or one ton?
  11. paco1976

    Who Else Likes to Play Unplugged?

    The unplugged sound of a guitar is directly depending on the type of construction. Some designs are simply different and aim to different things. The Les Paul is a very "solid" guitar, that is aimed to absord as many vibrations as posible. Unlike a archtop guitar, or a 335 that would be more or...
  12. paco1976

    Possible trade deal - waddaya think?

    I think the same. The Standard '74 is a more desirable guitar than a '72 Deluxe in my book. I wouldn't do that trade, me.
  13. paco1976

    Best year for 59 reissues over the last ~10+ years??

    Good years and bad years is an invention to make you buy again next year. Buy it and play it, man. If the guitar is good to you then it's good.
  14. paco1976

    Norlin Good Enough for Thin Lizzy

    Now I found the message where you mentioned it. True. Sykes is indeed a great example of a Norlin user. I see you have a lot of Thin Lizzy knowledge ;)
  15. paco1976

    Norlin Good Enough for Thin Lizzy

    You guys are forgetting the other Lizzy guitarist, John Sykes. He also recorded Whitesnake's 1987 album. He's been using a '78 LPC all his life, he probably still does. Another Norlin fan.
  16. paco1976

    NGD: 1988 PRS Custom 24

    That is a wonderful guitar. In these years PRS used brazilian board in all the Custom range. Actually more tan the 2 frets is that the CU22 and CU24 have a very differnet sound in the neck pickup, huge difference in my opinion. If you prefer this, long may you enjoy it. I've had a 89 CE24...
  17. paco1976

    PRS Modern Eagle Vs Mccarty 594

    The idea of the McCarty as far as I know is to make a guitar slightly thicker, as Gibson Les Paul itself, that will have a deeper sound. So, a more Les Paul-esque sound tan a regular PRS, that has a sound of its own. It depends on what you prefer I guess. PRS is more articulate and versatile...
  18. paco1976

    Who Else Actually Prefers Their Cheap Guitars?

    I've ended up keeping the ones that sound and feel better to me. It's not about "expensive" vs "cheap" but in the end the expensive ones usually sound better. Usually. I feel fine with my PRS Custom 22 for example, I received it as a change for another one, I was going to re-sell it but it was...
  19. paco1976

    Would you buy an affordable reissue Norlin?

    I have tested a '74 Reissue in a shop actually. I know the real 74 well and I actually have a 1975 myself. To me it didn't feel like a '74 at all, it was more like a recent regular LPC, at Reissue Price level obviously. I would rather take a real '74 any day of the week, for less money.
  20. paco1976

    Sell my R8 for a Trad ???

    The R8 has a huge neck, if that is ok with you why are you going to change to a Traditional? It doesn't make much sense, otherwise it means that the wide neck is maybe not made for you? The difference can be big. I would keep the R8 myself if the guitar really is meant for me. And forget the...

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