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  1. matt3310

    When an amp collector calls...

    Give me his number!
  2. matt3310

    NGD!! Rick Neilsen Les Paul!

    Huge neck! Plays like butter though!
  3. matt3310

    NGD!! Rick Neilsen Les Paul!

    Shes here!!! with the stable!
  4. matt3310

    Rick Neilson R9

    I'm looking to pick one up this week. #43 of 100. Anyone have any experience with these? I normally cant stand relic guitars. But I am liking this one.
  5. matt3310

    **SOLD** FS: 2022 Analogman King of Tone (v4, 4 jack, hi-gain red side)

    I'll take it. PM me your payment preference please.
  6. matt3310

    Rescued Les Paul!

    Its a studio
  7. matt3310

    Rescued Les Paul!

    Can you believe this is the same guitar? Cool story here. I found a Gibson Les Paul at an estate sale that was in ROUGH shape! Someone had painted it a flag pattern on front and a Elvis theme on the back. It was unplayable. And UGLY! I don't think the guitar had ever been cleaned. I almost...
  8. matt3310

    Opinions on DiMarzio PAFs?

    36th Anniversary are hands down my favorites!
  9. matt3310

    NGD!!! Les Paul Modern!!

    Thats the PRS floating stand.
  10. matt3310

    NGD!!! Les Paul Modern!!

    Great guitar! I was a little on edge trying this model, but man I was blown away! And Gibson did this one right!
  11. matt3310

    Share Your Explorers

  12. matt3310

    NGD! EDS 1275 Limited edition.

    Picked this up today! Limited edition in Brunswick blue sparkle. I cant find much info on it though. Anyone know how many were made? It's a 2019 model.
  13. matt3310

    If you could pick one representative for each decade

    1950's: Elvis 1960's: Jimi Hendrix 1970's: Eric Clapton 1980's: Eddie Van Halen 1990's: Chris Cornell 2000's: Brent Smith 2010's: Dave Grohl
  14. matt3310

    My Gibson collection

    Well some of them. Got 2 more Les Pauls, a Midtown and a Hummingbird. L to R Goldtop Standard Purple Widow Zakk Wylde 335 EDS1275 (in the back center) Flying V Standard plus Cherry Sunburst Premium Plus Class 5 Class 5 Front Jason Hook Explorer Sg Standard Lzzy Hale Explorer
  15. matt3310

    My little Gretsch collection!

    A White Falcon, Chet Atkins, and a G5420T.
  16. matt3310


    Long shot here, but do you still have this?
  17. matt3310

    NGD! EVH Wolfgang!!

    Here she is with my Frankie!
  18. matt3310

    NGD!! Jason Hook Explorer!!!

    Granadillo dot fingerboard

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