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  1. Stolen#961253

    WTB *** Mojotone Quiet Coil Dog Ear P90 ***

    I’m open to 56 or hot wind - prefer bridge but open to a neck pup… Please let me know if you have one and wanna sell. Thx Jamie
  2. Stolen#961253

    Heritage H530 Artisan Aged Trans Cherry

    Saturday night *** BUMP *** Open to a reasonable offer...
  3. Stolen#961253

    Heritage H530 Artisan Aged Trans Cherry

    *** PRICE DROP $2400 *** BUMP
  4. Stolen#961253

    Heritage H530 Artisan Aged Trans Cherry

    $2400 + $125 shipping in USA I bought from Dave’s Guitar Shop used The aging is absolutely outstanding! In fine condition all works as it should no issues Has nylon nut installed and Lollar spacers under bridge pup ring work done by Steve Crisp in Santa Cruz at Guitar Shop Great playing...
  5. Stolen#961253

    Jam City 59 Burst F/S $7800 SOLD

    Holy Balls!!!
  6. Stolen#961253

    Bare Knuckle pickups-What’s the deal?

    For the money Wolfetone Dr Vintage or Legends… i had a pair of those Mules in a R8… i prefer the wolfetones. I have em in 4 Lesters…
  7. Stolen#961253

    What pickups are in your Les Pauls ?

    *Wolfetone Dr Vintage in 5 Jibson R9s/R8s *Wolfetone P90 mean and meaner in ‘58 RI Junior *Wolfetone legends in a Jibson Korina xplorer *Wolfetone Marshallhead II bridge with Dr Vintage neck in Jibson Korina V *Mojotone Historic 59 set in a R8 these are hands down my favorite set of PAFs
  8. Stolen#961253

    FS~Murphy Painted LP '59 Reissue - Awesome Top!

    Another shot... plenty more pics available
  9. Stolen#961253

    FS~Murphy Painted LP '59 Reissue - Awesome Top!

    I’m on the fence with this one... 2018 vos ‘59 Reissue Great condition never left my home Currently has Wolfetone Pups installed stock pups not available $6500 in my pocket shipped. I pack very well and ship fast. On Reverb with more pics...
  10. Stolen#961253

    SOLD>>>Brand New - King of Tone

    aww... for fux sake
  11. Stolen#961253

    Custom Buckers - not a fan? Am I the only one?

    I rusually remove the magnets from the Jibson stock pups and use them to hold stuff on my fridge... then I put in functioning AND useable pups from anyone of the aftermarket makers...:wave:
  12. Stolen#961253

    FS ~ Cutthroat Audio Little Wing - Champ Killer

    $1100 Like new absolute champ killer Please reply to email [email protected]
  13. Stolen#961253

    FS ~ Milkman 5w Stack

    $1050 shipped CONUS Excellent condition sounds great no issues NO TRADES Please email for payment info. [email protected]

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