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  1. djlogan33

    Gibson B. B. King Lucille signed by B. B. King PSA DNA

    ======== Price reduced...
  2. djlogan33

    Gibson B. B. King Lucille signed by B. B. King PSA DNA

    I just posted this guitar on eBay... at $8500. (or best offer) with free shipping. In the history of all music, there has never been a guitar associated with one musician quite like blues legend B.B. King is linked to his beloved Lucille – a custom-built Gibson ES-355 manufactured...
  3. Lucille Letter

    Lucille Letter

  4. Lucille in headstock

    Lucille in headstock

  5. Lucille back of pickguard

    Lucille back of pickguard

  6. guitars 2014

    guitars 2014

  7. djlogan33

    what do you play?

    ========================================== I enjoy "playn da Blues" (Electric Guitar Blues-Rock)... Electric blues is a type of blues music distinguished by the amplification of the guitar, bass guitar, drums, and often the harmonica. Pioneered in the 1930s, it emerged as a genre in...
  8. djlogan33

    Why do you play guitar?

    I play guitar to create TONE... "Tone... It's one of the most magical and beautiful aspects of the guitar. It's also the most mysterious and, at times, frustrating. A player can chase after technical skills for years, and nothing he or she plays will sound like much if the tone isn't...
  9. djlogan33

    Way's to check neck relief/truss rod?

    Procedure from "The Gibson Les Paul Handbook": 1. capo on 1st fret 2. depress the strings down on the last fret (22nd fret) 3. measure the distance between the bottom of string and the top of the 8th fret 4. the gap should be .010" (0.25mm)
  10. djlogan33

    Getting frustrated with guitar

    ================================================== I have felt the same as you... Most Rock and Blues songs are based on the 12-Bar-Blues (I, IV, V) chords and playing minor pentatonic scales as leads. What I did was learned the minor pentatonic scales (5 boxes) in different keys and...
  11. djlogan33

    2002 Les Paul '58 Reissue Flametop (Butterscotch)

    I agreed to meet a guy at Guitar Center, in my area, tomorrow night and give it to him for $3100. cash.
  12. djlogan33

    1958 Reissue Flametop

  13. djlogan33

    1958 Reissue Flametop

    ============================================== I have couple more.
  14. gold leaf

    gold leaf

  15. djlogan33

    Blues Instructional Book Suggestions?

    The "Minor Pentatonic Scale" is the core of da Blues... This book goes into the Minor pentatonic scale in detail.
  16. djlogan33

    1958 Reissue Flametop
  17. djlogan33

    1958 Reissue Flametop

    ====================================== Thank you....I entered a post in the "Member Classified" section...:thumb:
  18. djlogan33

    2002 Les Paul '58 Reissue Flametop (Butterscotch)

    -Gibson Les Paul '58 Reissue Flametop (Butterscotch)... I'm considering selling my R8... I have checked on eBay. They are asking $3500 and up for Flametop LP R8 guitars... I would rather selling my R8 to someone from MLP. Make me an offer...:thumb:
  19. djlogan33

    1958 Reissue Flametop

    ============================================ I only have one R8. The other LP is a Wine Red Studio that I put a Bigsby on... Below are all my guitars: - two Les Paul's - two B.B.King Lucille's - one 52 RI Tele :thumb:

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